Oh, my head …

Oh My head ...

Pffff … I shouldn’t have had so much to drink last night. I see pink elephants and flying pigs… Hmmm, they look very real thou …

And yes they are real !!! So time to step towards the “Imaginarium” event that starts tomorrow  March 1 and runs until the 28th. MOoH! is having there an adorable gacha with all kinds of fantasy animals flying, rolling and strolling around. It’s 50L a try for the amazingly done “Happy Trippin” called gacha containing 11 common and 2 rare items… Collect yours here…


The bedroom backdrop is called “Crimson Dreams Backdrop” from Sayo Sin… So Time to take something for the headache … oh right this is the pose from Réve Obscura called “Pills” from the marketplace and comes with mesh bottle and lit included 😉

Enjoy and till next time all


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