Cyber Loading …

Loading for Cyber weekend

Time for some Science Fiction … the Cyber Fair opened in SL and that is always one of the fairs I love going to as a big fan of the genre. So I kind of dressing up or loading up for the new round (open until March 25th)… see the fair here:

I combined the new group gift for March from MOoH! with the rest of my outfit. These awesome fishnet boots in 6 colors can be found at the main store together with a new raffle where you can win a 150L gift card and Lucky chairs. MOoH! has a wide variety of products from clothes to very cute gachas so be sure to check the store out.

The rest of my outfit today is the “[CX]&::SOLE:: – Chemicoll Gacha: SA Mask”, the “r2 A/D/E azumi[white] outfit for Maitreya mesh bodies and “:::SOLE::: TIME RIFTER Armtech”. And also a gacha item was my companion here called “RO – Junkyard Dogs – Zero”

Also, you can get the amazing cyber backdrop behind me for free as it is a hunt item from “The Bearded Guy”. Try to find the little neon cube at the main store and buy it for 0L$ and get the backdrop!
A hint for the search: “Hola Barbudo Hermoso”

The pose I found on the marketplace and is called  “Feeded 5” from Back Cats poses ❤

So enjoy your weekend all … big cyber hugs from me



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