Arcane Practice (Stay at home)

Arcane Study (at home)

Wearing the new Monomania Tangled (Onyx Version) outfit that is available at their main store. This outfit includes the ArmStraps, Dress & High Heels. You can use this with the Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. Take a ride among the cyber ways towards the Monomania store here:

Also in this picture is one of the amazing [The plastik] creations on the wall. This :[P]:- Cela Tapestry [Sagan] is easy to place and makes a great impression. This one and a lot more can be found at the main store together with the gacha “Sweet Meese” (look at the cutie on my shoulder giggles) So when you’re at the store be sure to check out these lovable mice (there is also a summer version of them in another gacha). Also, the teacup with the sleeping mouse is from that gacha. You can find [The plastik] here…

The other items in this picture are from .random.Matter., MadPea, *HEXtraordinary*  and Foxwood.

Kisses and till next time all … stay home and healthy ❤



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