Ready to be spanked?

Ready to be spanked

It’s time to get naughty again with the new round of  the “Kinky Event”

The April round opened the 28th and today we are showing off the new / ✩✩[ LsR ] – Sexy Justine Set Fatpack✩✩ which is 100% original mesh and has the Dress, Thong [Heels includes at Big Fatpack – Fatpack Heels Separately ] and Hud included with 42 Textures [✔]You can wear them on the Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ], and Slink [HourGlass ] mesh bodies [✔]Also Single Items available with ‘ONE TEXTURE’ on the event…

The backdrop today is from “The Bearded Guy” and called “Spanked” from the Evil Cuteness gacha.

And my pose is from Réve Obscura and called “Mistress”

Enjoy the hotness on the event and till next time 😉

Kisses Ivy

Meet me at the old tree…

Meet me at the old tree

Next to the amazing sim, we visited yesterday we have another very cute and gorgeous place sponsored by “The NeoVictoria Project” called Queensgarden… This beautiful place is a nature sim with swamp and pieces of a forest… so I used the new store release from Monomania as my outfit. This “Curious Fairy Cloud” includes the Top, Shorts, Belt, Leaves on Back, LegStraps, Heels & Wings. A nice combo right ❤ You have this outfit also in another texture called “Leaf” So hurry to the local Monomania store (see inworld search) and get your own copy…

The pose is by Le Poppycock and called “Wood Dancer” from the “Children of the forest” gacha. See the main store for this and other amazing gachas…

And my skin is by [The Plastik] and called “Maliana Skin:// Genera” … this was the Rare from the Maliana gacha.

Want to visit Queensgarden on the Fantasy Faire 2020… Follow the fairy dust road below:

Kisses and till next time


Come to me my little dove …

Come to me little dove

Wouldn’t it be fun to live in a world where birds trust us so much they come to sit on our hand… Just one peaceful moment together with a feathered friend ❤ A real bliss that would be for me … And with that in mind, I made my next blog.

Blogging from one of the amazing sims on the Fantasy Faire 2020 Sponsored by “the fallen gods” … Follow the link below if you want to see the place with your own eyes and be amazed by its beauty.

My outfit today is again from Belle Epoque and available on the Fantasy Faire. This “{ Duchess of Devonshire } Sky” can be worn on Maitreya and Legacy mesh bodies. and come with hat included. Whispers I never looked so elegant in my SL life I think 🙂 But this is really a piece of art. The pose is from Le poppycock and from the *Juniper Tree* gacha and called “Whispered Song” (Dove and tree included).

Be sure to check both creators their main stores in second life … they are the real magicians of our virtual world.

Kisses Ivy

The Battle At Skeleton Bay

The Battle at Skelleton Bay

Time to bring in another amazing creator of this year’s Fantasy Faire that is running until May 10th. Go back in time to the glorious era of battling ships and Rhum drinking pirates with this very beautiful dress from Belle Epoque called “Anne”. You can wear this one-piece dress on Maitreya and Legacy mesh bodies. This dress will be sold at the event so look out for the Belle Epoque store on the fairgrounds or look in the second life viewer search for their Main store.

I combined them with boots from the Belle Epoque { El Paso } gacha witch was the RARE and with color hud ❤

Don’t forget to let yourself be drawn into the fantasy … and visit the Fantasy Faire 2020 ❤

Kisses Ivy


The Power of The Crystals

The Power of the crystals

Jumps up and down in joy … yes yes yes ❤ Tomorrow is a big day again in second life! Why you ask? Because one of the best and most beautiful events will start then… I’m talking about Fantasy Faire 2020. The highlight event for every fantasy-loving avatar on the grid. Tomorrow April 23rd 18 sims will open up and bring you the best stores all in theme. So I couldn’t resist to already make my first blog …

Today I’m wearing a dress I found on the “TWE12VE” event that started  April 12th and will run until the 30th. At that event MOoH! is offering some beautiful wedding gowns in black or white. You can use them without the veil too for a night out on the town. They are 199L. You can wear these gorgeous gowns on Maitreya, Slink and Belleza mesh bodies. Follow the path below to the event.

And then we have some items that will be available on the Fantasy Faire from [The plastik] … The cool horns with flowers are called “:[P]:- Aranaea Flore” and come with an impressive color hud to make them fit your outfit. also included are the earrings, Noms, and the Holdbunch…

Also from the same creator are the “:[P]:- Kinins Crystals” from the same event … these Starfield, Halo, Feet, and Hand attachments are Color Hud Controlled. and can be worn left or right. All these items and many more are simply amazing.

Be sure to check out the event for more amazing creators…

Also in this picture is the pose with ravens from Le Poppycock their *Dark Promises* gacha and it is the common “Dark Materials” The scene is the [ Focus Poses ] Cemetery Graves Backdrop…

Thank you and till next blog …

Keep the fantasy alive ❤


Surf The Neon Waves

Surf The Neon Waves

Guessing it will be almost summer when this so needed quarantine ends so I already started to think ahead lol. So my first summer outfit will be one from the cool [ LsR ] brand and I chose their sexy “Danika” set which is the exclusive for the “Vanity Event” that you can find here:

The April round opened the 15th. Every set includes the mesh Top, Skirt and Belt. The sandals are included when you purchase the “Big Fatpack” or you can buy the fatpack of the sandals separately. The hud of the shirt has 84 Textures [Plaids – Laces – Plains] and the one for the sandals 44 Textures. You can wear the outfit on Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ] and Slink [HourGlass ] mesh bodies. There are also single items available with Two TEXTURE or you can choose the full options in the fatpack.

The neon backdrop today is from “The Bearded Guy” and called “Surf it” from the  Technologic backdrops series. The board is by {what next} and the “Surfboard Prop for girls”

Last but not least I want to say that these gorgeous glasses are from -KC- Couture and they come with the impressive color hud we are used to having for their shoes. So go check these “.:KC:. VOGUE SUNGLASSES” at their main store. Two versions are included one on the nose and one up in the hair.

Kisses and till next time …


Golden X

Golden X

Time for some golden hotness with the new Monomania “Shine Bright Gold” outfit that you can find at the main store together with the Pearl and Onyx versions of this sexy look… You can wear them on Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. Every pack comes with the  Top, Skirt & Sandals. Get your golden seduction at the store here:

The amazing Neon backdrop is from .:Joplino:. and called “X Yellow” and can be found at the new main store here:

Other items in this picture are **RE** Lace Mask, the .ET. L’odeur du cuir Bracelet and Legstrap Black and the pose is by Réve Obscura called “Kinky” and they come with handcuffs included.

Wishing you a hot and sexy weekend with your partner … stay safe and enjoy each other ❤

Kisses Ivy



Lol looks like the little grey aliens will try to invade our world after all … Wearing today is the amazing MONOMANIA “Singularity” outfit in Onyx. This outfit comes with pants, top, and sneakers included for the Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. You can find this and other gorgeous outfits at the main store. See the inworld search for the Monomania landmark. ❤

Other parts in this picture are the {PSYCHO:Byts} Cyberneon Destiny – CyberArms, *Renns TRAUM* Cyber Octopus Claw Tail, RichB. Blade Eye Patch, TBF Rosettean Spaceship and the backdrop is from the talented “The Bearded Guy” brand and called “Astro Travel – Deutschland”

The pose with included raygun is from Belle poses and called “Stellar 5”



City Heat

City Heat

Surviving the first hot night in the city with my new “[ LsR ] – Sexy Elvi Shirt” which is the exclusive at the “AnyBody Event”. The April Round opens the 7th. The [ LsR ] – Sexy Elvi Shirt is 100 percent mesh and contains the shirt with a controller hud (166 Textures) You can wear this on the Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ], and  Slink [ HourGlass ] mesh bodies. At the event, you can also find single items with ‘THREE TEXTURES’ and a hud with 42 Side Textures. Or you buy the Full Options FatPack. The Mules are included in the big fatpack or you can buy them separately.

Backdrop is by Foxcity called “City Life” available at their main store. The whiskey is from the home gacha by Erratic.

Kisses Ivy

Not all demons are dark…

Not all demons are dark ...

Still, 3 days to go before the new Epiphany (starting the 15th) round starts but why not show a wonderful creation in front … So we present you the gacha from [The Plastik] called “Malus Kor” This incredible gacha has:

Arms in 5 colors
Collared Top in 5 colors
Belt/Panty Combo in 5 colors
Leg Belts in 5 colors
Anklets in 5 colors
Bare horns w/Full HUD
Earrings W/Full HUD


Skull Staff W/Full HUD
Held Magic Skull W/Full HUD
Decorated Horns W/Full HUD
Hex Outfit FULL (black)
Healer Outfit FULL (white)
Two secret rares

There is also a VIP prize for when you play the gacha enough and 2 exclusives.

Also, my skin is by [The plastik] in collaboration with “Trap” and can be found at the main store … This one is called “:Atharia Skin (Femme):// Mizuko”

And this brings us to another great gacha… This one is by MOoH! and called “Magic plants” at the “The gacha life” event starting April 5 till the 30th. I’m surrounded by a few of those gorgeous Neon plants. MOoH! is offering at that event 2 magical gacha with fantasy plants. They are 50L a try.

The backdrop today is by “Paparazzi” called “Alien Portal 1”

Kisses Ivy