Apocalypse now

Wearing the new “Let Me be” outfit from Monomania which is a store release. You can find this gorgeous outfit in Onyx, Candy, Pearl and Ocean textures for the Maitreya, Belleza and slink mesh bodies. Every pack contains the heels, the top, the fishnet sleeves, and the pants. TP to your local Monomania store and choose yours ❤


Also using today in this “end of the world” look is the Luas Steam Commander Oculus Copper, the Luas Wasteland Pauldron, the Luas Wasteland Necklace and the Luas Wasteland Axe. Those are all items from gacha that are still available at their main store. So head over and try your luck in getting your outfit together ❤


The amazing dark spooky backdrop is from .:Joplino:. and can also be found at their main store. Beware of the zombies when you buy your own version of “Run” 😉


Kisses and till next time all


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