Come to me my little dove …

Come to me little dove

Wouldn’t it be fun to live in a world where birds trust us so much they come to sit on our hand… Just one peaceful moment together with a feathered friend ❤ A real bliss that would be for me … And with that in mind, I made my next blog.

Blogging from one of the amazing sims on the Fantasy Faire 2020 Sponsored by “the fallen gods” … Follow the link below if you want to see the place with your own eyes and be amazed by its beauty.

My outfit today is again from Belle Epoque and available on the Fantasy Faire. This “{ Duchess of Devonshire } Sky” can be worn on Maitreya and Legacy mesh bodies. and come with hat included. Whispers I never looked so elegant in my SL life I think 🙂 But this is really a piece of art. The pose is from Le poppycock and from the *Juniper Tree* gacha and called “Whispered Song” (Dove and tree included).

Be sure to check both creators their main stores in second life … they are the real magicians of our virtual world.

Kisses Ivy

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