Blowing in the wind

So here we are again … time for another blog. And today we have 3 items to show off. First is this nice dress from MOoH! called “Bailey” for the classic body and the Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink mesh bodies. It comes with a nice 6 part texture hud ❤ This is a group gift for the “Third life” so wear your group tag to get it 🙂 Your way to the store has been lit below :

Then we have this sweet pose from SamPoses called “Blossom” with a rezzable pad and once on it, you get the leaves rezzing and edit menu. You can find this at the main store here:

And last but not least is the big but cute backdrop from .:Joplino:. called “Ivy hallway” and can be found at the main store ❤

Kisses and till next time

Love ivy


I always wondered how fun it must be to float around in a spaceship … no gravity at all. It would look like a sort of air ballet giggles.

So today we show of two new items from Petrichor (The former [The plastik]) namely this nice “Cainva Modulators” with an impressive color hud (both male and female version inside) and the little orb next to me is the second one called “Generian Reactors” which contains a few versions of this incredible orb… Fly towards the Petrichor main store to get yours and other amazing items …

also wearing the incredible outfit Akeno from “Horntail” that you can find at the main store here:

Last but not least the gorgeous backdrop is from The Bearded Guy and called “Last Fly” from the “Rockin Beats” gacha.

The boots are the “SG. Cyborg Black” boots

So time to remain in orbit … spacekisses


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Time for another Belle event with this exclusive new ✩✩[ LsR ] – Sexy Vera Set Fatpack✩✩ These Mesh Top and Shorts [The sneakers are included in the Big Fatpack or buy the Sneakers fatpack separately]come with a hud included (Top 60 Textures [Plains – Doots ] Shorts [30 Denim ])… You can wear them on the Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ], and Slink [HourGlass ] mesh bodies. At the event there are also single items available in ‘ONE TEXTURE’ or you can go for the full options in the fatpack. Find the event here:

The May Round Opened on the 20th…

The pose today is from Luanes World and called “Some Kind of Heaven” bread and animals are included.
Time to feed my feathered friends a little more …
Bye, all kisses,

You’re my next ride

Time for some cuteness with the new store release from Monomania called “Stay Home” that you can find in Candy, Onyx and Pearl texture. This cute outfit contains Hoodie, Shorts & Long Socks. Wearable on Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. Go to the Monomania store ,and get your own version ❤

The pose today with a horse is from Samposes and called “Rockin Horse”… Find yours at their main store here:

The backdrop is from Foxcity called “Bad habits”

Kisses Ivy

Pensive In Paradise

We started the day slow … and with a nice summer breeze blowing through my hair. The best moment of a day to think back … I’m in front of some nice changes in my real that probably will also affect my SL experience a bit in a good way. So at this point I’m grateful how things are evolving…

I’m also grateful for the friends I have or recently made because they add so much in your life even if they know it or not. Every path has its beginning and his end and sometimes that end can be a crossroad.

Today I’m wearing the new Stealthic hair “Chiffon” which is gorgeous ❤ and the Vanilla Bae {Beach Bae} Bikini from the gacha with the same name.

Picture taken at Castaway Bay

Wish you all a wonderful time…

Kisses Ivy

Life on Stage

Life on stage

“Il est cinq heures
Paris s’éveille
Paris s’éveille

Les travestis vont se raser
Les stripteaseuses sont rhabillées
Les traversins sont écrasés
Les amoureux sont fatigués”

I love performing and one of the places that always amazed me was the Moulin Rouge in Paris… The show and still how sexy the women were without being slutty. This May the Tres Chic started and this round opened the 17th. And one outfit really drew my attention because it looked a bit like an outfit from the show. On that amazing event [ LsR ] has the “Sexy Adaline Dress Fatpack” which is exclusive for this event. The outfit is 100% Original Mesh and includes: [✔]Mesh: Dress [Sandals included in the Big Fatpack or you can buy the Fatpack of the Sandals Separately ] [✔]Hud Textures 30 [✔]Sizes: Legacy Maitreya Belleza [ Isis Freya ] Slink [ HourGlass ] [✔]

At the event, there are also single Items available in ‘ONE TEXTURES’ with a Hud (Bow Textures) or you can go for the full options in the FatPack at The Big Fatpack.

Follow the path to the event here:

Other items today are the “NBN BDSM chair”, the “FOXCITY. VIP Desk Clutter – Eggplant – Dark base”, the “[Canimal] Oh My Goth Hat – Red” and the backdrop from anxiety called “%rotten”

Enjoy and let the show go on …

Kisses Ivy

Castaway Bay


This week MOoH! has a new group discount and it is this gorgeous fishnet outfit “Morgan” in 14 colors for 50% discount, which is just 99L. It started on May 15th and will end on May 28th.  You can find this gorgeous 3 piece outfit at the main store. Be sure to wear your tag. Wearable on Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies.

The pose is from a gacha by Le Poppycock called “Shipwrecked” and it is the common pose going by the name “Off the Coast” See the main store for this and more amazing gachas…

Other Items today are the Zaara [Goa party] Friendship bracelets, Rudraksh necklace, Baga nosering, and the Retro sunglasses *gold-orange*. The hair is from Doux called “Thais”.

The picture was taken on a new tropical beach I found in second life that is really worth a visit. This “Castaway Bay” gives everything to make a soul come to peace and in a very beautiful setting. The owner and managers are really friendly and funny which makes you feel welcome even as a newcomer. But let you be charmed by trying out yourself … follow the warm summer breeze below …

See you all next time … kisses


Come On Boo Beep

Come On Boo Beep

… or we will be too late for the “Festa Junina”. But don’t worry laughs … Monomania created the best outfit ever for this month-long party in Brasil. Festa Junina or the June Festival is a Catholic tradition that was introduced to Brazil during the country’s colonization by Portugal (from 1500 to 1822). Its events are based on the European Midsummer festivities, which celebrate the harvest and the saints, mainly Saint Anthony, Saint John the Baptist, and Saint Peter. Despite its religious origins, the emphasis of Festa Junina is on creating a large social gathering of dancing, drinking, and eating, especially in larger cities.

So as told I’m wearing the Monomania “Frufru” outfit which has 3 amazing (read colorful) textures… I’m using in this picture the “Apple Pie” version and then you also have the green “Green Apple” and the pinkish “Lollipop” one. This outfit is exclusive for the Maitreya mesh bodies. And they can be found at the Monomania main store…

So be sure to get yours and enjoy the Brazilian party life …

Besos Ivy



Summer fun

Summer fun

The LsR brand has a new outfit called “Cathy”@ AnyBody this May round that opened the 7th / ✩✩[ LsR ] – Sexy Cathy Set Fatpack is an exclusive [✔]Mesh Option: Mini Dress & Panties [Sandals includes at Big Fatpack – Fatpack Sandals Separately ] [✔]Hud 60 Textures Two Embroidery Styles [✔]Wearable on Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ] and, Slink [ HourGlass ] mesh bodies [✔]Also Single Items available ‘TWO TEXTURES’With Hud 30 Bow & Ruffles Textures [✔]Full Options in FatPack… Find the event here:

The cute pose “Selena” is by Samposes and is exclusive at the pose fair market until May 23rd. It comes as a rezzable pad and once on it the basket and flowers rez. The pose fair market is a special event and every pose at the event will be a 50% discount. Every booth also carries a gift…

Enjoy the sun … kisses


Women Are from Venus

What a Blast ...

Back to space with this new amazing outfit from Petrichor (the former [The plastik]).  The Cyberpunk event will open for customers on May 10th @ 8 AM SLT and will run until June 7th @ 8 AM SLT. The CYBERPUNK event is sponsored by FLAIR FOR EVENTS… At the event, you can find this Novianna FATPACK and the Sinon Visor both with an incredible color hud. Wearable on Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Legacy mesh bodies. Find this amazing event here…

My pose with a blaster is from “BellePoses” and called  “Stellar”… and today’s location is a space station I found in search called “Sexy space station”…

Kisses and be safe …