New friends

New friends

The Fantasy Faire is still going strong and today I visited two sims and one was an underwater sim called “Melusina’s Depths” a gorgeous sim with shops and nice little spots to take pictures and just over the sim border you have “The Lamented Fens” which also has a little underwater part where I took my picture today. If you love being a mermaid or other sea creature I would say come visit it before it closes again.

My outfit comes from Horntail and is from a gacha at the latest round of the epiphany. The gacha is called Fishtopia and are all funny costumes … always good for a nice party to laughs. So try your luck at the epiphany (there is also a second gacha there with even more funny costumes lol).

Find the Epiphany here:

And the Melusina’s Depths sim here:

Have some squishy kisses …


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