Chill out, little friend…

Chill out little friend

Pffff today is the first day it was so hot it felt like summer. So it brought me in a nice vacation mood and what better than to blog the new gacha “Beach” from MOoH! that is available at their Main Store. You can see on this picture the Beach towel Ocean, the Sandcastle green flag, the Windbreaker with lights blue, the Beach chair wood grey, the RARE Beach campfire, and last but not least the other RARE Beach hut blue. Look for the MOoH! store in the inworld search and come try your luck on this or the other amazing gachas…

But today there is even more … meet my little feathered friend that came with the sweet pose by Sam Poses. The pose is an exclusive at the “Pose fair” market running untill May 23rd. This “Budgie” is a free gift for group members of the event. With the group, you also get a 50 percent discount on the poses sold there.

My bikini today is from {ViSion} and called “Zeta”

So enjoy the weekend everyone…



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