Come On Boo Beep

Come On Boo Beep

… or we will be too late for the “Festa Junina”. But don’t worry laughs … Monomania created the best outfit ever for this month-long party in Brasil. Festa Junina or the June Festival is a Catholic tradition that was introduced to Brazil during the country’s colonization by Portugal (from 1500 to 1822). Its events are based on the European Midsummer festivities, which celebrate the harvest and the saints, mainly Saint Anthony, Saint John the Baptist, and Saint Peter. Despite its religious origins, the emphasis of Festa Junina is on creating a large social gathering of dancing, drinking, and eating, especially in larger cities.

So as told I’m wearing the Monomania “Frufru” outfit which has 3 amazing (read colorful) textures… I’m using in this picture the “Apple Pie” version and then you also have the green “Green Apple” and the pinkish “Lollipop” one. This outfit is exclusive for the Maitreya mesh bodies. And they can be found at the Monomania main store…

So be sure to get yours and enjoy the Brazilian party life …

Besos Ivy



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