Are you ready to play some chess? 😉 I always loved the game. It makes you use your brain completely to think two steps ahead of your opponent. A nice fatal dance of pawns, knights and horses until the king falls. Checkmate!!!

Also a fun song from Conan Gray which this new outfit from Monomania made me think of. It looked a lot at what the girl was wearing in the music video. And with that said … I introduce you to Monomania’s “Affection” a new store release in 8 different textures. Every set contains pants, a blouse, and sneakers. You can wear this set on Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza, and Slink mesh bodies. Fly over to the Monomania main store and choose your own…

The nice neon backdrop is from The bearded Guy and called “Horse Hall” from the “Rockin Beats” gacha. And we are using the pose from the “All nighter” pack brought by the amazing Foxcity brand.

Thanks and till next time all,


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