Ancient Portals

Sometimes you stumble on unopened boxes inside your inventory. Little treasure chests that went unnoticed in time laughs … today I found a few from gachas I played at the main store of “The Bearded Guy” One of them was this fine backdrop you can see called “Antique Heaven” from the “Distant Sky” gacha… I fell in love with it … that amazing texture brought me a lot of ideas. The Bearded Guy main store can be found here:

So I started to work out an outfit …

My eye fell on this incredible gacha from [The Plastic] (now called Petrichor) The “Ariah’s Soul” is an immense big gacha with wonderful prices and is still at the main store. I’m wearing the dress, boots, crown, tail, gloves, halo, and Jeweled ears from it. Also the skin (available for all mesh bodies with the omega hud). The clothes are available for Belleza hourglass and Maitreya. Every part also has an impressive texture hud from the gacha. Get your own version here:

Kisses and till next time all …


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