We are stars

Ah, I love Saturdays on Second Life … we always have a nice shopping spree to look forward too. A lot of stores are together in the “Saturday sale” a sim wide event where you can buy one of their creations for 60 Linden. This week was a nice one and gave me the opportunity to get a whole new outfit very cheap ❤

So let me show you what I’ve got… Today I’m wearing:

* BONDI. The Mad Cupid Headphones. Classic

*BONDI. The Mad Cupid Sunglasses. Classic

*[DDL] Outfit (Jacket/KnitTop/Short)(Black)

*[DDL] Safe (Black)

*~[LeiMotiv] Erin Short Boots

Hop on over to their main stores to get your own versions…

Backdrop by The Bearded Guy called “Quaker White” from the “New & Classic” gacha at the Vanity event.


Happy shopping ❤


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