Wow, another month has passed. The world still suffering from the pandemic with no real sign of getting closer to the end of it. Sometimes it makes me think about all those apocalyptic movies … Like we’re on the verge of becoming one of those earth. So today a picture in that style…

Wearing the new “[ LsR ] – Sexy Kissa Suit” which is exclusive for the new round of the “Kinky” Event … The august round opened the 28th. This amazing “Sexy Kissa Suit” fatpack is 100% original mesh. The Big Fatpack contains the Top, Skirt, Socks, and String ( String is only Fatpack in the Big Fatpack ) [The Boots are included in the Big Fatpack or you can buy the Boots fatpack Separately ] with a 30 Textures hud and the Skirt can be worn as plains or fishnet. Wearable on Legacy, Maitreya [ Lara – Petite ], and Belleza [ Isis Freya ] Also single items available at the event. Join us there and get yours…

Also wearing the “CUREMORE / Punk Chick / Chained Hook”, the “{PSYCHO:Byts}. Zhora Project – Robotical Arms RARE”, and the “RichB. Blade Eye Patch”

The picture was taken at the DRD main store 😉

Kisses Ivy

What does a Witch dream about…

Time to learn some new magic tricks … hmmm … (drifts away into dreamland)

The new WIZARDING FAIRE is open so if you love magical adventures in second life, this will be your faire! All brands standing together in a big hall with their newest creations. Today I show you two of them created by Petrichor (The former The plastik).

The cozy tablet with feather and two Inkwells in front of me are from “the :[P]:- Harian Inkwells” set. You can place it as a complete set or just place parts from it and everything can be adjusted with the amazing included texture hud.

And the other amazing Petrichor item is the hand with the wand behind me. This one comes from the “:[P]:- Rinik Houses Wandstand” which is an Exclusive set this event. It contains 4 different wand displays.

Jumpstart your witchbroom and fly over towards the event here:

Other items in this blog … my outfit today is from the Reign. gacha “Return of the coven”, the .random.Matter. – Librarium – Bookdesk – RARE and chair. and the Kore: Everly’s Wand.

Enjoy the event,

Kisses Ivy

The scout

“A strong woman is like an eagle, against the strong winds she soars.”

“Green Leave that watches the sky” invites you to take a look at the newest creation of Monomania called “My tribe”. This new main store release includes the Headdress, Top, Bottom, Sandals, Earrings, and Necklace. You can wear this amazing native american outfit on Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink mesh bodies. Follow the Prairie winds towards the store here:

Kisses Ivy

Wild & Free…

Time for some beach fun with Samposes and MOoH!… Two nice store items. The first is this gorgeous pose from SamPoses called “Debbie” containing two poses in a rezzable pad. Once on it the beachball rezzes (can be adjusted to your body). Hop on over and find yours at the main store here:

Next is the amazing “Ella” bikini from MOoH! wearable on Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink mesh bodies. Comes with an 8 part metallic color hud. Travel to the main store for yours…

Also wearing the “Luana Anklets & Rings”, “Cammy Set” (necklace and choker), and the “Esprit Belly Piercing Seahorse” all from the talented RealEvil brand.

Location is Castaway Beach (enter the free group to be able to rezz your pose)

So that was it for this weekend … Live Wild and Free all …

Kisses Ivy

The Last Salsa

It’s time to dance our way into the new Belle event. This July Round Opened the 20th and [ LsR ] is bringing us the “Sexy Sannae Dress Fatpack”. Exclusive for that event. The “Sannae” dress is a mesh dress [The Heels are included in the Big Fatpack or you can buy the heels fatpack separately ] that comes with a 30 Textures hud for the Legacy, Maitreya [ Lara – Petite ], and Belleza [ Isis Freya ] mesh bodies. At the event you can also find single items in ‘ONE TEXTURE’ or as usual you can go for the super deluxe full options FatPack or Big Fatpack.

The pose today is from Le poppycock called “Blind date” from the “Nyctophilia” gacha still at the store. The backdrop is from Foxcity called “Photo Booth – Crescent Room”

Till next time all,

kisses Ivy

Running with Foxes

The epiphany is open and everyone knows that it is time to go play some gacha and find some amazing new things. But this time Horntail really surprised me with theirs. This time it wasn’t an outfit … but one of the cutest animesh companions that I have seen in a long time. Meet mine … Foxy comes from the “Hey Reynold” gacha and is indeed an Animesh Companion. there are 30 Commons and 3 Rares to catch ❤

COMMONS:• 6 Foxy• 6 Harlequin• 6 Hunter• 6 Origin• 6 Tribe 

RARES:• 3 Okami 

They all have lovely animations inside so rush towards the epiphany and try your luck and maybe find your new companion friend 😉

I’m wearing the Reign “Fox Onesie” from the “Wild Things” gacha. Still available at their main store.

Hugs Ivy

Keep your distance

No, it isn’t just because of social distancing… it is almost feeding time for ” Safira” my tiger laughs …

Anyway time to visit India with the new store release from Monomania. Brought to us all in 6 textures (I’m wearing the Pearl version) Are Baba is a gorgeous eastern styled outfit for the Maitreya, The Slink Hourglass, and the Belleza Freya mesh bodies. The set contains the Belly Chain, Bracelets, Earrings, Top, Pants, and Flat Shoes. So grab the flying carpet and head over to the main store here:

The very beautiful backdrop is from .PALETO. and called “Marrakech”. And my sidekick today is from a pose I found on the market place called ::Peppers:: Pose Single #46.

I completed the outfit with the “[The Forge] Rosana Headpiece” (Gold/Silver) and “Zaara : Chandni dupatta (L) ivory gold

अलविदा (alavida or goodbye)


Feeling wet …

“Feeling wet, feeling wet, boy you make my body sweat…

But I’m feeling wet, feeling wet, you make my body sweat.”

Have your own hot moments with “Magdalena” from SamPoses a nice surfboard with 3 poses included. Also, a male version is available called “Stephen”. These are new exclusive poses for the “La Vie en Pose” anniversary round. This event opened the 10th of July and runs until July 25th… You can find the event here:

Welcome to the summer 😉


Goodmorning World

Time for the “AnyBody” June round that opened the 7th with the [ LsR ] – “Sexy Roxie Suit” fatpack which is their exclusive new creation. The set includes the Top & Shorts [At the event the Mules are included at the Big Fatpack or you can buy the Mules Fatpack Separately ] with a Hud (30 Textures) You can wear this sexy outfit on Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ], and Slink [ HourGlass ] mesh bodies. There are Single Items available with ‘ONE TEXTURES’ and a hud for 30 bow textures at the event or you can choose the full options in the fatPack or in the big fatpack… Find the event here:

The cute pose is by “Samposes” and named “Grace” which is exclusive at the “Wip” event from July 2th until July 21st and after the event, you’ll be able to look for them on the marketplace or at the main store.

Also in this picture is the Foxcity photo booth “Hallucinate (Light. Breezy)”, the +Half-Deer+ Dreamrose Princess Bed – Vintage White, the “West Village Naughty Things Tray” from Appel Fall, the [Rezz Room] Boxer Dog Puppy Intrig, and the Lavish / Sleeping Beauty / Sleepmask WAKE ME ONLY FOR.. /white.

See you next time …

Kisses Ivy

The Red Guardian

One day to go and then the new round of the epiphany starts… For me always a nice event with a lot of gorgeous new items and outfits. Today I’m presenting you with the new gacha outfit from Petrichor. (The former [The plastik]) This Malysine gacha contains 7 colors of this fine look and can be worn on Maitreya, Belleza, and Legacy mesh bodies. The staff is with included pose and texture hud. The gacha has 5 rares so try your luck at the Epiphany here:

For other amazing creations from the brand look at their main store here:

I’m sure you will fall in love with fantasy 😉

Kisses Ivy