I dance alone

A few days ago I discovered a new synthpop band and their music really spoke to me. Blackbook is a Swiss band and until now they only have 3 songs out but each and one of them are amazing. So I couldn’t resist jumping into my new cozy outfit from Monomania. Homely can be found at the main store in 4 different textures. They contain a Blouse, Sneakers, and Shorts. There are sizes for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, and Legacy mesh bodies… So don’t dance alone like me and hop on over to the main store and get your own version ❤


The backdrop is from the .:Joplino:. brand and still can be found at their main store. This very beautiful creation is called “It was all a dream”


So I also used the BackBone “Vinyl Record Storage – Pink” and as pose the “Idols 2rev” from Poseidon.

And as of last here is one of the songs I talked about … Till next dance ermmm blog …

Kisses Ivy

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