Running with Foxes

The epiphany is open and everyone knows that it is time to go play some gacha and find some amazing new things. But this time Horntail really surprised me with theirs. This time it wasn’t an outfit … but one of the cutest animesh companions that I have seen in a long time. Meet mine … Foxy comes from the “Hey Reynold” gacha and is indeed an Animesh Companion. there are 30 Commons and 3 Rares to catch ❤

COMMONS:• 6 Foxy• 6 Harlequin• 6 Hunter• 6 Origin• 6 Tribe 

RARES:• 3 Okami 

They all have lovely animations inside so rush towards the epiphany and try your luck and maybe find your new companion friend 😉

I’m wearing the Reign “Fox Onesie” from the “Wild Things” gacha. Still available at their main store.

Hugs Ivy

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