What does a Witch dream about…

Time to learn some new magic tricks … hmmm … (drifts away into dreamland)

The new WIZARDING FAIRE is open so if you love magical adventures in second life, this will be your faire! All brands standing together in a big hall with their newest creations. Today I show you two of them created by Petrichor (The former The plastik).

The cozy tablet with feather and two Inkwells in front of me are from “the :[P]:- Harian Inkwells” set. You can place it as a complete set or just place parts from it and everything can be adjusted with the amazing included texture hud.

And the other amazing Petrichor item is the hand with the wand behind me. This one comes from the “:[P]:- Rinik Houses Wandstand” which is an Exclusive set this event. It contains 4 different wand displays.

Jumpstart your witchbroom and fly over towards the event here:


Other items in this blog … my outfit today is from the Reign. gacha “Return of the coven”, the .random.Matter. – Librarium – Bookdesk – RARE and chair. and the Kore: Everly’s Wand.

Enjoy the event,

Kisses Ivy

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