Unholy Rituals

Incantations, spells, magic … I so love it all. Everything that has to do with mystical beings melts my heart. One of the stores that always deliver quality items for fantasy roleplaying inside Second Life is [Petrichor] (or for older avatars the former The Plastik). And be happy because this weekend they are also on the Fifty Linden Fridays and their items are until Monday in discount. Let me show you …

For this week’s FLF they sell the “Midas Chryso Horns” and the “Ysa Metalline Dresses” at 50 L and it becomes higher on Monday. So don’t wait too long. I combined them with their newest creation at the Collabor88 named “Mors Caeli Mask” with an impressive texture hud.

You can find the store here:


Also wearing the wings from Toksiks “Devil’s Manner” gacha (Is the RARE item) and the “Shadow Orb Censer (sacrifice)” from + {egosumaii}.

The backdrop is from .:Joplino:. and named “Shrine” which can be found in the marketplace and the main store.

Kisses Ivy

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