Have I been a good kitty?

Ok, I had a little help from my furry friends to catch the mouse … but we got it. But I couldn’t have done it without the amazing new “Sleepy Kitty” from Monomania. This store release contains the Ears, Neck Bow, Paws, Top, Panties, and Socks. All those with an amazing hud with 3 textures for every part so you can mix them and are wearable on Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, and Legacy mesh bodies ❤ So … convinced you to want one of those cuties? Follow my cat paws towards the store here:


Also, pictured today are MOoH! “Kitty pet bed”, .:Joplino:. “Tease Me” backdrop, and 3 items from +Half-Deer+ “Summer Paradise” (gacha)

you all a good start into October … Till next blog ❤

Kisses Ivy

Arcane pleasures

Time for some spooky hotness with the amazing new [ LsR ] “Sexy Vampirella Body” Fatpack which is exclusive for the Kinky Event September round that opens the 28th and can be found here:


The ✩✩[ LsR ] – Sexy Vampirella Body Fatpack✩✩ is 100% original mesh and contains the Body and Mask [Boots are included in the Big Fatpack or you can buy the boots fatpack Separately ] with a 30 part textures Hud and collar option. You can wear this sexy item on the Legacy, Maitreya [ Lara – Petite ], and Belleza [ Isis Freya ] mesh bodies. At the event, single items are available in ‘ONE TEXTURE’ with a hud for 30 collar textures. Or buy the fatpack or big fatpack.

Surroundings by Lemme from the “Dark pleasures” gacha and the backdrop is from Varonis called “Sombre”

Are you into some dark fun?

Little bites …


It’s all in the eyes baby …

 Yes the eyes! This is on an ALL NEW gorgeous, ultra customizable EYE SYSTEM created by Petrichor. This is how eyes will be done from now on for you- with 15 customizable eye shine layers, animation layers, shadow layers, pupil layers, and two HUDS- 40 COLOR and 40 FADE packs. The most customization ever! The HUD has a glow, alpha, shine, evironment, tinter, and color picker for EVERY layer and you can adjust L and R eyes separately. The creator was very excited to finally get these out for us all after 6 months of hard work!

Hop on towards the store and get your pack 🙂 Additional picture below

Broomstick ride towards the store:


Wearing the .::BE BOLD::. “Sensuality of Princess” lingerie set. This is the sister store of Monomania and can be found on the same sim.


Backdrop is by FOXCITY and called “Cozy Bedroom (Colour Pop)” and the pose is .HG. #Selfie2 (bought on marketplace)

Anyway time to close my eyes and sleep 😉

Kisses Ivy

Fun times

Time to have some fun with Max … wearing the amazing new outfit “Explorer” from Monomania which includes the Top, Shorts, LegStraps, and Boots. Fits the Maitreya, Belleza, Legacy, and Slink mesh bodies. It has a 3 part colour hud. Get yours here at the main store:


The sweet pose is from SamPoses and called “Leaves Lover” and comes as a rezzable pad. once on it all the rest rezzes. Find them at the main store here:


Enjoy the beginning of Fall season


Preparation meeting

Ahhhh Halloween is getting closer again so I invited some of my friends over to talk about what we’re going to do this year … I know they are kind of weird a bit but hey they have the humor to die for … winks

They came straight from the MOoH! gacha at the TWE12VE event that runs until September 30th. This amazing gacha includes skeleton avatars, a table, chairs to sit on, and a few decor items as the ones you can see in this picture. All in time for a spooky Halloween dinner. There is also a 12L special at the event because it’s a celebration round.


Here is the key of the gacha ❤

So care to join in on the meeting? Have a glass of blood wine…

Cheers Ivy

Waiting for the massage therapist…

Time for a nice vacation at Bali … a mix of fauna and flora with a very relaxing resort. Wandering around with my new outfit from ::Smexy:: called “Fall Beige” (there is also a black version) that you can find on marketplace. The outfit contains the pants, top, and waist bag. Wearable on Maitreya, Belleza Freya, and Legacy mesh bodies…


Also wearing the DOUX “Thais hairstyle”, my Genus strong head, and my Maitreya mesh body.

You can also visit this amazing place in second life and even rent a nice summerhouse. Let my plane bring you to Bali :


Kisses Ivy


Those days are already a long time ago … but sometimes I do think back on them. About things I would have solved differently now that I’m older and wiser (hopefully lol). But I think back to them as an amazing time in my life which I got to love more and more during the years. I miss it…

Today I’m wearing the HORNTAIL Maku Outfit for the Maitreya or the Belleza Freya mesh bodies. This gorgeous outfit is a gacha and costs 75 lindens a try. It contains the shoes, skirt, gloves, and blazer(24 commons and 4 rares). This gacha and many amazing others are at the main store here:


Also wearing the “Mug – Backpack Junkie – #1 Skater Pack RARE” and the new hair from Stealthic called “Fixated”

The backdrop is by the amazingly talented .PALETO. brand and called “LMP-78”

See you after class all,

Kisses Ivy

You shall not pass (without a kiss)

Presenting the “Sexy Dafne Dress” fatpack from [ LsR ] for the “Unik” event this September round. The event opened the 7th and can be found here:


The [ LsR ] “Sexy Dafne Dress” is 100% original mesh and includes the cute Dress with the 60 part texture hud that has 30 Dots and 30 Plain textures. [The Sandals are included in the big fatpack or you can buy the Sandals fatpack alone]This amazing outfit can be worn on Legacy, Maitreya [ Lara – Petite ], and Belleza [ Isis Freya ] mesh bodies. At the event, single items are available in ‘TWO TEXTURES’ or go for the full options in the fatpack options! ❤

The same day another event opened its doors and that is the Pose Fair. There you can find this exclusive pose from SamPoses. There are 5 single bento poses included in “Jadey”. Just rezz the pose pad and jump on it to access the menu. The Fair can be found here:


Backdrop today is from .PALETO. and called “Canalle” (see their main store)

Thank you all for following this blog …

Kisses Ivy

Oh look Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore …

We’re always in for a little dress up laughs … And one of the stores that creates nice outfits like that is Monomania. This time they made 4 … oh yes!!! You can be 1 of the 4 lead characters from the “Wizard of Oz” movie … isn’t that cool ❤ I went for Dorothy but you can also chose the Lion, scarecrow or knight. With “Dorothea” are included: Hair, Accessory Hair, Top, Skirt, Shoes, Dog, and Basket. Hop on over to the main store and check them out 🙂 You can wear these on Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies.


Here you’ve get the promo picture with all 4 outfits … choose wisely giggles (or buy them all 😉 )

Be sure to follow the yellow brick road …

Waves and licks from Toto…


Black Hole

“Don’t let go
Is all you say
Where you go I will follow
I need to break away
Now I know
That all we are
Is never enough

Cos’ every little thing you do
It drags me deeper into you
You lead me down all the darkest roads
Diving in to the black hole

Said that we could have it all
Kept pushing cos’ you wanted me to fall
Now it’s time that you let go
Diving in to the black hole”

Wearing today from [ LsR ] the amazingly sexy “Alexsa Suit” which is the exclusive for the new round of the Kinky event… Follow the path below to the event


The August round Opened on the 28th last month so don’t wait to long 😉 The sexy Alexsa suit fatpack is 100% original mesh and comes with Bra, the Panties [The Boots are included in the Big Fatpack or you can buy the Boots Separately ] and includes also the hud with 30 Textures. Wearable on the Legacy, Maitreya [ Lara – Petite ], and Belleza [ Isis Freya ] mesh bodies. At the event, there are also single items available in ‘ONE TEXTURE’ or you can go for the full options in the FatPack or the Big Fatpack.

Today I combined the outfit with some gorgeous items from “Petrichor” (formely known as “The plastik” but different name same quality 😉 ) namely the skin called “Syliste” (also a male version available), the “Dragoness” wings (from a gacha) and the “Perline” horns (also a gacha item). And the setup was the backdrop from .PALETO. called “PACT” and pose by Réve Obscura called “Sorrow”…

Path to Petrichor:


Kisses Ivy