Black Hole

“Don’t let go
Is all you say
Where you go I will follow
I need to break away
Now I know
That all we are
Is never enough

Cos’ every little thing you do
It drags me deeper into you
You lead me down all the darkest roads
Diving in to the black hole

Said that we could have it all
Kept pushing cos’ you wanted me to fall
Now it’s time that you let go
Diving in to the black hole”

Wearing today from [ LsR ] the amazingly sexy “Alexsa Suit” which is the exclusive for the new round of the Kinky event… Follow the path below to the event

The August round Opened on the 28th last month so don’t wait to long 😉 The sexy Alexsa suit fatpack is 100% original mesh and comes with Bra, the Panties [The Boots are included in the Big Fatpack or you can buy the Boots Separately ] and includes also the hud with 30 Textures. Wearable on the Legacy, Maitreya [ Lara – Petite ], and Belleza [ Isis Freya ] mesh bodies. At the event, there are also single items available in ‘ONE TEXTURE’ or you can go for the full options in the FatPack or the Big Fatpack.

Today I combined the outfit with some gorgeous items from “Petrichor” (formely known as “The plastik” but different name same quality 😉 ) namely the skin called “Syliste” (also a male version available), the “Dragoness” wings (from a gacha) and the “Perline” horns (also a gacha item). And the setup was the backdrop from .PALETO. called “PACT” and pose by Réve Obscura called “Sorrow”…

Path to Petrichor:

Kisses Ivy

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