Those days are already a long time ago … but sometimes I do think back on them. About things I would have solved differently now that I’m older and wiser (hopefully lol). But I think back to them as an amazing time in my life which I got to love more and more during the years. I miss it…

Today I’m wearing the HORNTAIL Maku Outfit for the Maitreya or the Belleza Freya mesh bodies. This gorgeous outfit is a gacha and costs 75 lindens a try. It contains the shoes, skirt, gloves, and blazer(24 commons and 4 rares). This gacha and many amazing others are at the main store here:

Also wearing the “Mug – Backpack Junkie – #1 Skater Pack RARE” and the new hair from Stealthic called “Fixated”

The backdrop is by the amazingly talented .PALETO. brand and called “LMP-78”

See you after class all,

Kisses Ivy

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