Winter Fun

“Sings … let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

Wearing the amazing [ LsR ] creation “the Angelina suit” This sexy fatpack is new for the “Beauty Event” and includes the mesh sweater, the leggings, and the belt [The Boots are only included in the big fatpack or you can buy the boots separately ] with a 70 part texture hud. Wearable on the Legacy [Classic – Perky ] and Maitreya [ Lara – Petite ] mesh bodies. At the event, you can also buy single items with ‘TWO TEXTURES’ The full options are only in the fatPack and the big fatpack… The December round opened on the 21st and can be found here:

The pose is from SAPA “Poses 63” including the sled and the backdrop is from .Unicorn. and called “Christmas Winter”

Enjoy the last days of 2020… stay safe and see you all next year ❤

Kisses Ivy

The New Crimeboss

“1923 A shift in power was reached in an age where alcohol was forbidden and women had no rights … That was until “Lady red” killed one of the local crime bosses and took over his clan. Her reign with a woman’s touch made her popular amongst the crime syndicate… A legend was born!”

Wearing the incredible sexy outfit “Blaize” from ED. Design… that one comes with the nice bowler hat included. Boots are from the Violent seduction gacha “Bathory”

The way into the ED. Design main store:

The way into the Violent Seduction main store:

Till next time,

Kisses Ivy

Out with the old, in with the new…

Soon a new year is starting so a good point to evaluate things … To find out what brands I still want to blog for and those that don’t live up to my ideas. Bringing some others into the vault is always refreshing … My idea is and will always be to show how creations can be brought to life (and worn or used inworld because nobody wants to buy something that you can’t use other than inventory filling) and not to take a picture looking like an advertisement in a magazine because those are boring and you have 13 in a dozen of those.

So what do I have in this picture … First of all are the amazing “:[P]:- Narius Hourglasses” I’m wearing that comes with the incredible texture hud from Petrichor. This brand keeps amazing me and always tickles my fantasy… Inside the package, you have earrings, one as decoration and, a few to hold. Find yours at the SATURNALIA Event that is open until January 1st.

Next is the gorgeous outfit from Violent Seduction called “Bathory” This gacha can be found on the latest round of the epiphany. The veil is the gift when you play enough on the gacha and the amount to pay is 75 Linden a try. Good luck if obtaining your favorite dress ❤

Last but not least is the wonderful skybox from Varonis. The textures on their creations are sublime and not many brands are making me say that… This box “Duskhall cells” is 172 prims and has one cell with poses (adult included) Get yours at their main store or at the market place.

Also a huge thank you to Truth for making this amazing new Vip group gift hair called “Soiree”

Kisses and have a safe end of the year … till next time ❤


Merry Xmas <3 (Kissing Mr.Perfect)

Wishing each and all of you a wonderful Christmas and sends you lots of love for the coming year. We all know that 2020 is a year to forget as soon as possible … but the future will be a lot better once we can see our friends and loved ones again. So I took the liberty to build the one person you can still hug and kiss even in these corona-times laughs … Mr. Cool and perfect Frozy ❤ Thank you Ele to help me with this snowy task giggles …

This wonderful couple pose is by Samposes and is exclusive for the December round of “The pose fair” that will close on December 28th. So hurryyyyy laughs. This pose is a rezzable snowman and once you sit on it the menu shows and you can edit the height and more. Cute right ❤ You can travel to the event with the snowflake below:


After the fair, you will be able to get this pose in the main store or at the market place.

Big hugs and kisses and till next time,


50 shades of red?

It’s the cold December month so what about warming it up with the new round of the Fameshed X that opened on the 10th here:

At that hot event, [ LsR ] has the “Sexy Lena Suit” as an exclusive for which is 100% Original Mesh and contains the Corset, Pantie, and Socks [The Mules are included in the Big Fatpack or buy them separately ] Inclusive is the fatpack is the 35 Textures hud. Wearable on Legacy [ Classic – Perky ] and Maitreya [ Lara – Petite ] Single Items are available at the event in ‘ONE TEXTURE’ with a hud for 35 bow textures and 4 metals…

The pose today is exclusive from SamPoses for the December round of “the pose fair” pose fair. End Date: December 28th… This pose “Liesbeth” comes as a rezzable pad. Go to the event and enjoy all the other creations from SamPoses.

After the events, both items will be sold at the main stores and marketplace.

Hot kisses Ivy

The Dryad

I was skating on a nearby frozen pond while suddenly I discovered this nice “Sitting winter dryad” from MOoH!… the amazing creature was hiding under the Rare “Hollow tree snow scene” from the same gacha called “Winter Dryads” The gacha with these amazing creations is playable at the MOoH! main store:

My outfit today is the blue version of The Mystic their “Noelle” together with the nice Luas “Noel Bag”

The skates and warmers are from -KC- Couture and called “Alissa”. They can be found on the marketplace or at the main store here:

Frozen kisses,


Almost ready dear …

I’m only finishing my make-up … And showing off the amazing new store release from Monomania. Ah yes “Lace Me” includes the Top, Bottom, and Shoes together with a 7 colors texture hud. Wearable on the Maitreya, Belleza (Freya and Isis), Signature (Alice), Slink (Hourglass and Physique), and Legacy mesh bodies… As said this is the new store release so follow the link below into their shop (and be sure to visit also the store “Be Bold” next to it) ❤

The pose is from Foxcity called “Made Up” and the backdrop is from “anxiety” and named “%goodnight”

See you all in the next blog,

Kisses Ivy

The Snow Angel

“Downy flakes fall swiftly past,
the glow of the streetlight
A sprinkle of white flurries,
cast against the dark of night
The snow is crisp,
the stars are bright,
I spread my arms and take flight.
Wings fluttering as I fly,
up into the evening sky…”

Wearing the gorgeous “The Mystic” Noelle outfit that is exclusive for the Santa Inc event in second life. Also at that event, you can find the nice “Tentacio.” Antlers called “Saturnalia” … The pose is from an older gacha by Le Poppycock called “Upon a Winter’s Night” and is the common “Fairy Whispers” pose. See their main store for other amazing poses.

Kisses Ivy

Et allez ouppp …

Ready for the December Round of the Pretty event that opened on the 7th? There we have the new exclusive creation from [ LsR ] called the sexy “Raina Shirt Fatpack” This set contains the Shirt and the texture hud with 105 textures [Plains/Gold – Plains/Silver – Cotton ] The sneakers are included in the “big fatpack” or you can buy the sneakers fatpack separately ] Wearable on the Legacy [Classic – Perky ], and the Maitreya [ Lara – Petite ] mesh bodies. At the event, single items are available with ‘Three TEXTURES’… Follow the skateboard below to the event:

The pose by Le poppycock from their “Peace, Love, Skate” gacha set and is named “Ollie”

The backdrop is from .PALETO. and called “Detroit Streets”

Oi, check this bro …


What power do you hold?

Wearing the gorgeous “Unraveling Mysteries” outfit from Monomania. This outfit contains the Boots, Jacket, and Pants for the Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink mesh bodies. This is the Choco version and at the main store you can also find the same outfit in “Onyx”. Follow the path below to the main store …

Also in this picture are the “Valadyna Potions” and “Valadyna horns” from Petrichor. These come in a pack with also earrings and a necklace. All with the amazing texture huds the store is known for… Available at the main store:

So what would be in these potions … is it a love potion? Or does it turn you into a frog … Hmmmm

Wanna try it out?