Merry Xmas <3 (Kissing Mr.Perfect)

Wishing each and all of you a wonderful Christmas and sends you lots of love for the coming year. We all know that 2020 is a year to forget as soon as possible … but the future will be a lot better once we can see our friends and loved ones again. So I took the liberty to build the one person you can still hug and kiss even in these corona-times laughs … Mr. Cool and perfect Frozy ❤ Thank you Ele to help me with this snowy task giggles …

This wonderful couple pose is by Samposes and is exclusive for the December round of “The pose fair” that will close on December 28th. So hurryyyyy laughs. This pose is a rezzable snowman and once you sit on it the menu shows and you can edit the height and more. Cute right ❤ You can travel to the event with the snowflake below:


After the fair, you will be able to get this pose in the main store or at the market place.

Big hugs and kisses and till next time,


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