Out with the old, in with the new…

Soon a new year is starting so a good point to evaluate things … To find out what brands I still want to blog for and those that don’t live up to my ideas. Bringing some others into the vault is always refreshing … My idea is and will always be to show how creations can be brought to life (and worn or used inworld because nobody wants to buy something that you can’t use other than inventory filling) and not to take a picture looking like an advertisement in a magazine because those are boring and you have 13 in a dozen of those.

So what do I have in this picture … First of all are the amazing “:[P]:- Narius Hourglasses” I’m wearing that comes with the incredible texture hud from Petrichor. This brand keeps amazing me and always tickles my fantasy… Inside the package, you have earrings, one as decoration and, a few to hold. Find yours at the SATURNALIA Event that is open until January 1st.


Next is the gorgeous outfit from Violent Seduction called “Bathory” This gacha can be found on the latest round of the epiphany. The veil is the gift when you play enough on the gacha and the amount to pay is 75 Linden a try. Good luck if obtaining your favorite dress ❤


Last but not least is the wonderful skybox from Varonis. The textures on their creations are sublime and not many brands are making me say that… This box “Duskhall cells” is 172 prims and has one cell with poses (adult included) Get yours at their main store or at the market place.


Also a huge thank you to Truth for making this amazing new Vip group gift hair called “Soiree”

Kisses and have a safe end of the year … till next time ❤


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