Touch of Death

The first round of the epiphany of 2021 is getting near so I wanted to show you one of the items that will be on that event. This januari “Petrichor” will bring the “:[P]:- Castanys Kel Gatcha” for Maitreya, Legacy, Slink Hourglass, V-tech and Belleza Freya. This gacha contains 6 rares and a lot of amazing commons. A dream outfit for every fantasy loving female avatar… The epiphany starts on the 15th and can be found here:

I created this scene with the [Harshlands] “Skeletal Scarecrows”, the I: “Warrior Shrine Black”, the /anxiety/ stronghold skybox [beige], and the !R.O! “Sorrow BENTO Pose”

Big kisses …


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