Sweet encounters

Yesssss the new location from PosEd is open for the public … And with the reopening, we have this nice single pose as a mainstore release. Go enjoy the new and old poses at the mainstore and be sure to check this “Bird Lover” pose there. This pose comes as a rezzable pad and once on it, the table chair and parakeet rezz.


Marketplace link:


My outfit today was the Blueberry “Solstice – Fringe wrap” and “Solstice – Seashell top”. The hair is called “Shadow” from Truth ❤

Kisses and till next blog all,


Get your Vaccine

I know … we all want to go out again. To have fun again. But first, we need to get a vaccine right … so why waiting? The amazing “Vaccine Giver” from Absolut Creation is what we need… When you wear it everyone can click to get a syringe. Easy right? And you can also buy the “Antivirus Syringes” alone in a nice big package with the ones I wear on my butt … ouch lol. Available at the main store here:


Or marketplace here:



So no excuse to get vaccinated … and these are painless (only side-effect is a good laugh)

Kisses Ivy

The Ancient Guardian

Wearing the amazingly cute “Nanako” Kimono from Luas. This gacha has 4 different textures of this amazing outfit and 3 rares which come with a texture hud to match them with the outfit. You can play this gacha at the Luas Main store here:


My fierce companion today is the [Rezz Room] “Japanese Dragon Dark Animesh” that you can buy at the main store. There are currently 3 versions of this dragon (and an option to buy the fatpack) of 800 Linden Dollars. The movement around you is smooth and cool … wait until you hear the roar 😉 Find yours here:


Till next time all,


My Mind Set On YOu …

And so I’m showing the newest pose from SamPoses called “Solitude” with 2 single female poses included in the hud. This amazing sweet pose is exclusive for the “Eclectic event” that will open its doors on the 24th of February and runs till March 18th… The event can be found here.


The robe I’m wearing is from “Tres Blah” and called “Love Fade Robe – Rosey” and the backdrop is by Foxcity named “Nap Corner”

Kisses to my sweet Azu who is always on my mind … and hugs to all of you,


The Magical Fountain

Another round of beautiful Fantasy items with the amazing “Ethereal Panyia Butterflies” from Petrichor (The Plastik) has a lot of options. You can wear the butterfly on your shoulder, head, or ear. There is also one to hold in a cristal (see the hand) and then the necklace and earrings… Nice right ❤ You can find those at the main store here:


I combined them today with the irrISIStible “FANTASY FOUNTAIN” and the “EXTRAORDINARY GARDEN PHOTO BACKDROP” both animated. See those and a lot of other amazing creations here at the store:


Thanks for watching,

Kisses Ivy

The First Kill is Always The Hardest…

Laughs I never had dreamed of running around in SL as the dangerous clown from the IT movies … But Thanks to Absolut Creation everyone can be Pennywise. This amazing mesh creation contains the complete mesh avatar, an eye texture hud, and an amazing ao for the avi. Also, the balloon is included in the purchase… so a good idea to scare someone right 🙂 This wonderful creation can be found on the marketplace here:


Or at the main store here:


The incredible Bento pose with axe is from the talented “PosEd” brand and is a rezzable pad and once on it, the axe rezzes. Completely adjustable! Get this amazing and scary pose “Fright Night” for 89 L here at the main store:


Or on the marketplace here:


The victim is the Madpea Dead Body Scarlet … lol

Do you want a balloon?


What Happens in the Dark Room, Stays in the Dark Room…

Wearing the new Toksik Groupgift (for the Chinese New Year) “Indulgent Robe” with a nice texture hud… Can be found in their main store. The hair is the newest creation from Kuni called “Ara” and also has a hat included. This one can be found at Equal10 … The Pose is Waiting For by Come Soon and found on Market Place. And Last but not least, the backdrop is from Sayo Sin and called “Crimson Dreams”.

Till next time,


No, I’m not ready for the end of the winter…

I want the snow to stay. The cozy days before the fire with a blanket. X-mas and New Year eve to repeat again… No, I’m not ready to give all that up yet. Lucky I still have my amazing X-mas backpack from “Absolut Creation”… With that amazing backpack, I can still run around and spread gifts (when people click the backpack, they get a gift)… Still available on the marketplace and at the main store…



My outfit today is from Addams called “Pandora” and the hair is Kuni “Tone”

Big cold nose kisses …