Not my kind of facetimming …

A new amazing store joined my sponsors and with this blog, I want to show off their amazing “FaceMask Alien”. This facehugger by “Absolut Creation” is very well known from the Alien movie series and wow it really looks amazing. There is also an attack version at the store for more fun. Below some more information about this mask:

[✔] MESH MASK unrigged
[✔] Unisexe –
[✔] include 3 sizes
[✔] Resize By click
[✔] Manually Adjustable
[✔] High Definition
[✔] 100 % Original Mesh Creation
[✔] Material ready

VIDEO ==>>>

You can find it on marketplace here:

Or at the main store here:

What else did we use today … the Paparazzi “Alien Portal” backdrop, the [Envision] Alien Hive Set, and the outfit is from .{PSYCHO:Byts}. their “Zhora Project” gacha.

Hope you enjoyed it,

Till next time everyone


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