“Pssssttt … are you going the same way as I am?”

Flying the amazing Culprit “Jet Fighter Camo” which you can find at their main store (also in different designs). Be sure to walk around and see all the other fun items they are selling. Your fun starts here:

My outfit today is from Toksik called “Remnant Uniform” and my co-pilot is the {anc} “NO LIMITS.flying doves” (Gacha item)

See you all next month,

Huggles Ivy

Hello to you too

A little throwback … this amazingly cute pose “Angelique” is an older release from SamPoses. You have to rezz the tree and once on it, you can edit yourself with the menu. Available at the main store and on the marketplace. ❤

Kisses Ivy

Try To Escape

I went shopping at the Neo Japan event and couldn’t walk past the SOLE gacha … this new science fiction gear is just amazing. Be sure to check the “GIROV” gear out at the event here:

Also wearing the RIOT “Infiltrator Bodysuit”, the (GALLACTIC) “Jetpack”, the Luas x BJK “Toxica Mask”, the :::SOLE::: “Headset VOSTARS”, and the r2 A/D/E “Azumi boots” to complete this battle suit… ❤

Till next time everyone,

Kisses Ivy


Tonight I’m wearing the amazing outfit “Sabien” from the talented “AsteroidBox.” brand which made me relive the old vampire movies. The style, the grace, and the seduction always amazed me… from all the old movie monsters these were my favorites. The backdrop is from .PALETO. and called “Mausoleu”… a nice fitting place for a sexy bloodsucking bat right 😉 And last but not least the amazing pose and included orb trapped skeleton head is from Réve Obscura and called “Foreseen” All of these items can be purchased in their main stores (or the Marketplace)

Big bloody bites,


A Quiet Moment Is All It Takes

For a little joy in nature you only need yourself and a good polaroid from Kokoro 🙂 This pose is one of the 6 amazing poses in their “Joy” fatpack. The camera is included ❤

The Kokoro Main Store:

My gorgeous outfit is the Adorsy “Casey” set which I adore because I love the overall type of pants. The nice touch with the MP3 player made me fall in love with this outfit as soon as I had seen it.

Adorsy can be found here:

The picture is taken on “Luanes World”, an amazing place that follows the seasons so you can always enjoy something new there …

Enjoy your weekend,

Kisses Ivy

Wish upon a star

And I found even more with “Twinkle twinkle” the newest creation from SamPoses. This incredible Anime Moon comes with 4 cute poses. For this week’s “fly buy Friday” you can get this cutie for the price of 100L$ at the mainstore and after the weekend at the normal price in the mainstore and on the marketplace.

SamPoses can be found here:

The 3 little cuties next to me are all from Foxwood and the lingerie is from Toksik called “Oppressed”

Here another picture from the store so you can see all 4 poses ❤

Big kisses and till next blog,


The Steampunk Pirates

Oh yessss … I so love “the engine room” event. Ever since I started to read the Lady Mechanica comics I have a weak spot for steampunk items. So this picture shows off some of the new stuff I found at the event.

First, the amazing outfit by Toksik called “Bloodlust” has an amazing texture hud and the option to hide the belt or shirt. The hat and mask are both from [ContraptioN]. These are the “Crossroads Walker Set” and the “Masks: Deck Captain’s Breather”.

Secondly is the gorgeous and misty backdrop from Varonis called “Dayport”

And last but not least are the walking lamps (and the one I hold) from “::Static::” with the lovely name “Nightmariner’s Lamp”

also in this picture but not from the event are the “.ARISE. Steam Wings (closed)” and the “Stellis Goggles” from Petrichor…

Want to visit the engine room and see all these awesome items yourself? Follow the enlightened path below…

Have a nice weekend all,

Kisses Ivy

Cherish your time, because once you lost it, it never comes back…

A new round of “the engine room” event has started and omg did I see some amazing stuff again. One of them is this very beautiful orb or timepiece from “Petrichor”. This orb called “Korsik” is a bento pose orb with an amazing menu when you click on it and comes with an incredible texture hud …


My outfit is by Luas from their “Toxica” gacha (for the Maitreya mesh body) and is still available at the Luas main store.


Big kisses,


Meet hector …

Time for something funny … with this cool “sand castle of Hector” by Absolut Creation. This nice set-up has an amazing set of poses inside for singles and couples and is 12 Prims land impact. Available at the marketplace here:

I was wearing the -[ Vagrant ]- Caroline Top and shorts white… and the Necklace is from RealEvil called “RE Sereia Necklace – Sunset”

Waves bye all,