The Steampunk Pirates

Oh yessss … I so love “the engine room” event. Ever since I started to read the Lady Mechanica comics I have a weak spot for steampunk items. So this picture shows off some of the new stuff I found at the event.

First, the amazing outfit by Toksik called “Bloodlust” has an amazing texture hud and the option to hide the belt or shirt. The hat and mask are both from [ContraptioN]. These are the “Crossroads Walker Set” and the “Masks: Deck Captain’s Breather”.

Secondly is the gorgeous and misty backdrop from Varonis called “Dayport”

And last but not least are the walking lamps (and the one I hold) from “::Static::” with the lovely name “Nightmariner’s Lamp”

also in this picture but not from the event are the “.ARISE. Steam Wings (closed)” and the “Stellis Goggles” from Petrichor…

Want to visit the engine room and see all these awesome items yourself? Follow the enlightened path below…

Have a nice weekend all,

Kisses Ivy

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