“The age of a person doesn’t matter. The sweetest music is played on the oldest violin.”

After enjoying the first part of a nice hunt on the Fairgrounds of the Fantasy Fair I changed and enjoyed playing the violin… (I wish rofllll… I can only make it sound like a cat being strangled lol)

Anyway in this picture we have again some nice items I found at the Fair. Today we have the “Quills & Curiosities – Enchanted Woods – White” as skybox where the magic was made ❤ The statue behind me is from “Cerridwen’s Cauldron” and named “[CC] Heart Mender, Marble”, and also from the Fair is this gorgeous gown from “Kotolier” with the nice “Dress Fraurein” name (can also be worn without the frills) for the Maitreya mesh body.

The chair I bought from “KOPFKINO” and is the “Etude Violin Chair (Medium wood)”

Thank you for watching,

Hugs Ivy

Queen takes King … bow for me (Checkmate)

Another amazing-looking sim at the Fantasy Fair 2021 is this Jadoube that is sponsored by “The Looking Glass”… every year they are one of the most beautiful sims at the Fair. This year they took chess as theme and omg … go see for yourself how detailed it is. Until the 9th of May you can visit it here:


Playing chess or playing a card game will always remind me of my childhood… so I chose a dress with the card theme. This gorgeous “WONDERLAND QUEEN HEART OUTFIT” is from the amazing “irrISIStible” brand and can be found on the marketplace and at their main store here:


Are you ready for a rematch my king?

Kisses Ivy

“A contract is only as good as the people signing it.”

Every year at the Fantasy Fair there are so many amazing-looking people wandering over the Fairlands. Elves, Orcs, Knights, Tinies, everything goes. So I couldn’t stay behind and made a little demon 🙂

The skin is from :[Petrichor]: & Trap and called “Mizuko” from their “Atharia Skin (Femme)” series. The skin can be worn on every Omega applier using mesh bodies (and heads). The store is also at the Fantasy Fair and can be visited here:


My outfit today is a combination from ::Static:: “Fae Embers”, S&P Amara (Salt & Pepper), **RE** Witchy Rings, :[P]: “Dragoness Wings”, and ~Nerido~ “Limba”…

The cool pose including the contract (unsigned giggles) is from Réve Obscura and called “Deal”

I used for backdrop an older one from .:Joplino:. called “Shrine”

Devilish snuggle hugs,

Ivy (wanna sign that contract? No?)

“Magic will find those with pure hearts, even when all seems lost.”

“It’s a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic
A kind of magic – no way

One dream, one soul, one prize
One goal, one golden glance of what should be
It’s a kind of magic

One shaft of light that shows the way
No mortal man can win this day
It’s a kind of magic
The bell that rings inside your mind
Is challenging the doors of time
It’s a kind of magic ” By Queen

Time for three more stores to step into the fold. Today I’m wearing the gorgeous “Araleus” outfit from [Petrichor] that is their Fantasy fair creation. I’m using the arm armor, the legs, the satchel, the wand, and of course the dress itself. All of these items come with an impressive hud to change the textures into your favorites. You can find them at the fair here:


The hovering “wizard magic chair” is also new and from “Butanik83”. This amazing creation can be found at their booth on the Fairlands here:


And last but not least is the amazing “::Static::” “Voidsent Astrolabe (Hollow)” which I wear on the other hand. I really adore the rotating tarot cards… It really creates that magical feeling. This is also on the fair here:


I adore skyboxes and backdrops and use them a lot in my pictures. So when I was wandering the Fairlands I walked into the store from LUX AETERNA and fell in love with the “[Stone Eden] LIGHT” skybox. So I used that one for this picture giving it that medieval look… Take also a look at their store here:


The skeleton cat is from a gacha by Jian… (My partner would say another lost soul I collected giggles)

See you all in the next picture,

Kisses Ivy

“If the skies were able to dream, they would dream of dragons.”

Time to place one of the sims of this year’s Fantasy Fair in the spotlight. Today I have taken a picture at “Yin Yang” which has obvious an far eastern theme. This sim has been sponsored by “Gabriel” And can be visited until May 9th. Take a ride on the dragon there:


Be drawn into the Fairlands and discover even more fantastic creatures and places.

Outfit today is from the Luas “Nanako” gacha…

Kisses Ivy

“The Cutting Edges of all Eternities combined were not as sharp as those of the Blade”

Myths … a very big source for amazing creatures. One of them are the Valkeries descending from the sky on their winged horses to look on the battlefield for the fallen heroes. So today I visited the Fairlands as one of them. Clothed in my =Zenith= outfit “Berserker” which is a gacha item. But still available at their main store.

The horse I got on the fair. At the [Teegle] store on one of the sims, this one is even sponsored by them. I’m riding the “Aphrodite” the Arabian Horse. Be sure to go check the store out and little hint … they sell unicorns too, hehehe…


See you in my next blog,

Kisses Ivy

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.”

And so it begins … the gates, portals, and ships are ready to bring you to the Fairlands. Wander around in a magical world full of amazing-looking avatars and feel the hope and love this event brings every year. Fantasy Fair is not just an event … it’s a lifestyle, a dream becoming reality, and even a message to the world that not everything is sad and dark. Follow the path to the starting sim here:


And don’t forget … Have fun!!!

Today I’m showing you the “Gaia Halo ~Cherry Blossom~” which can be bought at the fair @ the {Acios} shop and also the “Gaia Antlers” is there. All the “Gaia” items come with included HUD and resize on touch.

You can find the {Acios} booth here:


I combined the halo with the new outfit from the !dM deviousMind store and that is the “Eden” Cosplay gacha at the epiphany event. The wings I used are from Le poppycock called “Spring Wings – Pink Pollen” and the pose is also from their store called “Small Blessings – Of a Feather” (gacha item) and the backdrop is from another superb store called “irrISIStible” and the item is named “EXTRAORDINARY GARDEN”

Thank you all and see you at the fair,

Hugs Ivy

To blow the pipe her lips she wrinkled, And green and blue her sharp eyes twinkled…

Let me guide you into the Fairlands with my magical “Harshlands” “Elven Flute” from their new gacha at the Fantasy Fair 2021 that starts today!!! This incredibly detailed flute is common and every flute of the gacha plays a song. This one was number 11 and is called “A Journey of Memories”… Be sure to step inside the Harshlands shop on the Fairlands because this brand keeps amazing me… I used already a lot of them in my fantasy blogs and I’m sure I will be doing that for a lot of years to come… Underneath you can see the gacha key ❤


Today I was wearing the amazing FDD GS “Cirilla” outfit, this is an older one I have but still fits my Maitreya like a glove. The hood I bought on the marketplace and is called “(Stitched) Miles Hood-Black” and has a version for the Maitreya as well.

And the gorgeous moody backdrop is from one of my favorite stores in SL … Varonis makes incredible skyboxes, backdrops, etc… all with their one-of-a-kind textures. The light they use inside the creations always accentuates the uniqueness of it. Be sure to check the store out.

And now count down the minutes to the opening… (not the rats)

Kisses Ivy

“It is the still, small voice that the soul heeds, not the deafening blasts of doom…”

Fantasy is such a big concept. Imagination can come in many forms and science Fiction is for me one that I always have loved. From the earliest Star Trek series to the Battlestar Galactica series, and all movies (even the darker alien franchise) they all make me happy. Wanting to go exploring myself…

So I was happy to blog another item from the Fantasy Fair … one that breaths Science Fiction. This brand “Quills & Curiosities” made an amazing skybox called “Site MB-DB 512 (Dusty)” which has gorgeous lighting that made me really feel as if I’m in a space station. (I hope I don’t run into a monster here laughs) The skybox has a land impact of 25 prims and can be easily set up. You can buy this at their Fantasy Fair booth starting tomorrow or go take a look at the Main store of “Quills & Curiosities” here:


Today I’m also wearing another great creation from ..::B2K Design::.. that fits the theme like a glove. This “Cyber Jumpsuit” can be worn on Belleza, Maitreya Lara, and Slink mesh bodies. The suit comes with an amazing 12 part texture hud, and the option to hide the socks. See the main store for more creations of this nice brand here:


Also wearing to finish the look are the :::SOLE::: “SA – AK-Pauldron”, the “SA Backpack LB1”, the “TIME RIFTER Armtech”, the “TIME RIFTER Nose-Pad”, and the “GIROV – Belt” pfeeeuwwww you would say I kind of love :::SOLE:::, right … laughs.

From DRD we have the “geekmania – cybernetic face”, and last but not least is this incredible pose from Foxcity. This one is from their latest set called “Bang Bang”

Okay done for today and very excited for tomorrow… Finally the opening of this year’s Fantasy Fair!!!

Till then and there true believers,

Kisses Ivy

“Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance.”

“Well, I hear the music
Close my eyes, feel the rhythm
Take a hold of my heart

What a feeling
Bein’s believin’
I can have it all
Now I’m dancing for my life

Take your passion
And make it happen
Pictures come alive
You can dance right through your life”

A nice ode to the 80’s movie Flashdance and the amazing song from Irene Cara. Wearing the gorgeous “Harmony” set from Seniha that you can find at the current Epiphany event. The backdrop today is from Paparazzi and called “Reflection Room 3”, and the fitting pose (including the chair) is by “:studiOneiro:” with the fitting name “Flashdance 2”

That’s it for today… Believe in your dreams, have fun, and dance away,