Justice must not only be seen to be done, but has to be seen to be believed…

And here we go … with only 5 days left before the “Grand Show” of 2021 is starting. Where all the amazing fantasy-creating people will gather on 21 sims in Second Life. This yearly event “Fantasy Fair” is also a nice way to sponsor the Relay For Life (Fantasy Faire 2020 relayed L$18,875,500 ($75,512 USD)) Want to know more about the event see their website here:


One of the stores at the event is one I am proud of being a blogger for … [Petrichor] is the former [The Plastik] and has years of experience in the fantasy community. Every creation is a work of love and dedication to the genre. Today I’m showing two items that will be at the event when it starts. I present to you the “Araleus Halo” and the “Araleus Sword” which will be available on the 22nd of April when the event starts. (The shop from [Petrichor] will be at the CERULEAN BOMBORA sim) Both items are coming with the incredible texture hud the store is famous for.

The dress I found on the marketplace and is called “Toga Dress” from “Kandee’s Fashions” which is on there since 2018. The dress is for the Maitreya mesh bodies.

Time to check out the website and get excited as I am,

Kisses Ivy

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