“It is the still, small voice that the soul heeds, not the deafening blasts of doom…”

Fantasy is such a big concept. Imagination can come in many forms and science Fiction is for me one that I always have loved. From the earliest Star Trek series to the Battlestar Galactica series, and all movies (even the darker alien franchise) they all make me happy. Wanting to go exploring myself…

So I was happy to blog another item from the Fantasy Fair … one that breaths Science Fiction. This brand “Quills & Curiosities” made an amazing skybox called “Site MB-DB 512 (Dusty)” which has gorgeous lighting that made me really feel as if I’m in a space station. (I hope I don’t run into a monster here laughs) The skybox has a land impact of 25 prims and can be easily set up. You can buy this at their Fantasy Fair booth starting tomorrow or go take a look at the Main store of “Quills & Curiosities” here:


Today I’m also wearing another great creation from ..::B2K Design::.. that fits the theme like a glove. This “Cyber Jumpsuit” can be worn on Belleza, Maitreya Lara, and Slink mesh bodies. The suit comes with an amazing 12 part texture hud, and the option to hide the socks. See the main store for more creations of this nice brand here:


Also wearing to finish the look are the :::SOLE::: “SA – AK-Pauldron”, the “SA Backpack LB1”, the “TIME RIFTER Armtech”, the “TIME RIFTER Nose-Pad”, and the “GIROV – Belt” pfeeeuwwww you would say I kind of love :::SOLE:::, right … laughs.

From DRD we have the “geekmania – cybernetic face”, and last but not least is this incredible pose from Foxcity. This one is from their latest set called “Bang Bang”

Okay done for today and very excited for tomorrow… Finally the opening of this year’s Fantasy Fair!!!

Till then and there true believers,

Kisses Ivy

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