“You’re my scariest hell, You’re my perfect paradise”

How I love changing myself into a fantasy creature. This time I am honored to show you guys the new Bento + Nefarious Wings + and the + Rose Thorn Tail + from {Aii & Ego}. They follow the BOM skin you use so they will look different every time you change skin. Those are both available at the Fantasy Fair here:


The Horns and the outfit are from a gacha named “Malus Kor” from [Petrichor] and can be found at their main store here:


And then of course the amazing looking skin “Kalari Vors Skin [F] – Verrys” from “Trap”, also an item from the Fantasy Fair (still open until May 9th) and can be found here:


The pose is a recent one from Réve Obscura I bought on the Marketplace. This bento pose comes with included Halberd.

The picture is also taken at the Fantasy fair … one of this year’s amazing-looking spots. Visit the Fair and get enchanted …


Till next time all,

Kisses Ivy

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