You can’t get me … nah nah nah

Hehehe, I love having fun with these amazing cyber creations. Today I show you my newest ride from Culprit. This amazing “DQN” is out at “Uber Hometown” until the 15th of May.

This speeding bullet is available with rezzer or solo and there are 5 colors sold separately. Including light, adjustable poses and even some fun animations which I’m doing one from (couldn’t resist that one lol).

Also in this picture is the new “.PALETO.” backdrop “HIGH BASE”, the new “AURORA” Cyber Cybill Steel Bodysuit (for Maitreya), and the new “AZOURY” Yakamoz Helmet from the latest round of the CyberPunk event.

I combined this all with the older {PSYCHO:Byts} Cyberneon Destiny (CyberArms and Cyberlegs are both the RARE items from that gacha)… and not to forget my persuaders from the law … (they will never get me anyway lol) These are the ::DisturbeD:: “Sci-Fi Police Riding Robot” and “Sci-Fi Police Drone”

Thank you for watching the chase 😉

Hugs Ivy

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