“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.”

Time for some fun with my partner in crime BarBarella as we played with the sweet “Ickle Donkey Upsie Avatar” from “Jinx”. You get a full-size version and a small version (0.4) of this funny and cute donkey… both versions with a skirt or pants. There is also a small animation hud included. Available at the “Jinx” booth on the “enchantment event” that runs until May 31st. Follow the wooden car below:


Also new is the beautiful “Forest small cottage” from “FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK” … This small house comes with a texture hud (4 window textures and 5 roof textures) and is easy to set up.

◘ DOOR setting UP

  • DRAG YOUR MOUSE OFF THE DOOR, the MENU will pop up.

◘ FIREPLACE setting UP

  • Click over the fireplace to get the menu.

Available at the main store here:


Big kisses,



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