Ohhh, it’s good to “Bee” back

Sometimes you see something so cute that you just have to blog it … This time it is the new “Honey Bee” Horns from JINX that really stole the light ❤ These Animesh horns do have a texture hud included (4 horns and 3 bee textures) and the Bees fly around the horns and land on them. Pretty amazing right?

You can get them at the latest round of the “Shiny Shabby” event that is already open!!! LM:


I combined the horns with the “Mini A Chuu™” “Freedom wing glasses” that are available at the “TWE12VE” that are open till tomorrow! They have an impressive texture hud. The glasses are 99L ❤


Also wearing today are the “Schadenfreude Bee Bum & Wings”, the “TP- Honey B outfit”, and the “Lunar Moth Limbs Set Pale Gold” which is a gacha item (RARE) from {aii}…

The picture was taken in front of the :::GREAT IDEA::: Sunflowers backdrop ❤

Till next time,

Kisses Ivy

“The ocean is everything I want to be. Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.”

“La vita è Bella” when you have the warm sun shining on you, the gentle summer breeze blowing through your hair. And not to forget the sea… the sounds and smell of the ocean. The water tickling my toes when I’m stepping next to the shore.

Today was a good day to take some time off after a hellish real-life week. So nothing better than slipping in my new MOoH! bikini called “Maude” for the classic body, Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. Included is the cool 18 part texture hud.

If you go check it now you can get the lovely velvet bikini as this week’s group discount which is 50% and just 99L. From June 25th till July 2nd at the main store.


Goditi l'estate e vivi la tua vita nel modo migliore!


“We got no troubles, life is the bubbles, under the sea.”

Sometimes some item is so beautiful that you can’t show it off in just one picture. This “Atlantis Gallery” from Fantavatar & Moonstruck is such an item. It is so big and gorgeous that I wanted to give also the store picture with it. See for yourself below.

This amazing creation is a must-have for every underwater scenery and can be found at their main store here:


I couldn’t resist changing into my new Mermaid look with the new tail from Cynefin called “Nemissa” in combination with the Violent Seduction “Nemissa” outfit ❤

Thank you all for watching,

Kisses Ivy

“Just once, let me kiss The lips down. I promise you’ll never want me To come up..” 🔥❤️

Time to be naughty with this sexy couple bento pose “Delicious Taste” available at the “Pose Fair” After Dark edition that is going in its last week (open till June 28th). The bathtub is included and rezzes when you get on the pose. Adjustable through the menu. With big thanks to my bestie Barbarella for her wet “help” giggles … The event can be found here

Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Venus%20Isle/169/64/2501

Till next blog everyone,

Sloppy kisses

Ivy ❤

“We are not what other people say we are. We are who we know ourselves to be, and we are what we love. That’s okay.”

Oh, I love to be silly sometimes and I do love colors. So today I blog some of the amazing colorful stuff I gathered.

First is a new item from a new store I started blogging for called “Mini A Chuu™” (Love the name btw) These amazing “Freedom wing glasses” are available at the “TWE12VE” that is open right now. They have an impressive texture hud and are also a must-have during this pride month. The glasses are 99L ❤


I changed into a nice fitting Bikini from ..::B2K Design::.. with the dress. This gorgeous “Bellaeh” bikini has a nice texture hud and can be worn on Maitreya, Belezza (Venus, Isis, Freya), and Slink (Hourglass, Physique). The Hud contains 16 Textures for the Beach Dress, 12 Textures for the Bikini, and 4 Textures for the Fringes. Available at the main store here:


Then we have two gacha items from MOoH! in this picture. first is the floating ring from the “Pool Fun” gacha and called “MOoH! Swim Ring rainbow”. the other item is from the “tropical life” gacha and is named “MOoH! Flamingo Cocktail sign” Both gacha can be found at the main store:


Also from a gacha is that cute mouse with the ball. This one is from Petrichor “:[P]:- Summer Meese” gacha at the main store. check out all the cute mouses in this gacha…


Okay that leaves us the other sweet companion from “Jian” called “Pool Party Pups :: Chihuahua Drifting Floater” and the backdrop from Foxcity called “Pool Party”

Thank you all for checking this post and may all love come to you in any form you like… LOVE is LOVE always ❤

Kisses Ivy

“You are every reason, every hope and every dream I’ve ever had.”

Time for a summerly round of [Petrichor] creations ❤ With the warm weather here in Belgium I wanted to relax next to the pool so the new “Suwari Bikini” came as a gods gift… This item can be found at the “SL18B SHOP AND HOP” with a discount of 30% off. And it contains three amazing texture huds (Colors, Fades, and Patterns) The event is open!!! (June 17 – July 6)


But Also at the “Warehouse sale” event, there is a stand from [Petrichor] with these gorgeous “Indica jewelry” (100% custom mesh) also with an impressive texture hud. It opens on June 23rd!!!


And last but not least is the “:[P]:- Pearedine Makeup & Pearls” available at the main store. (BOM, for Lelutka classic, and evoX) ❤ Safe pathway towards the store here:


And there is so much more to see at the store!

Have fun,


We Ran Out of Luck…

Keep pushing bro they are getting closer… hurry!!!

Here we are with an amazing pose that is exclusive for the “E-Bento” event that is open until June 30th. This new creation from “DPSP Poses” is called “Roadtrip 1” and is a rezzable car with two poses adjustable with the menu.

● SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/EBENTO/131/127/21

● After the event the pose will be in the main store here:


The amazing skybox is from “Minimal” and called “Graveyard Scene” and can be found at the store here:


Until the next blog (if we survive this one laughs)

Hugs Ivy

What? Trust me, I only did a little shopping …

Time for another cool creation from Fantavatar & Moonstruck. This time we have the “F&M * Haunted House” which can easily be placed on land or being used as a little island in the water (as in the picture today). The structure has a land impact of 39 and a base footprint of 18×18 meters. Row your boat towards the main store and get yours here:


I wanted to bring in a Viking theme today so I dressed up in the TS-Creations “Battle Viking (Maitreya BENTO)” outfit. I agree it isn’t a cheap look but omg their creations are sublime and the weapons are included with hud. Simply beautifulllll!!! See them here:


I also used the [Drakes] Viking Longboat and Dragon Torch in this picture to finish the scene.

See you all next time,

Hugs Ivy

“When it comes to sex: some men treat women as objects; some women treat objects as men.”

PosEd poses gets hot and naughty with the newest series of steamy poses and even a fatpack [“relax room” and the “self-care” poses] available at the Pose Fair “After Dark” event running from June 7th to June 28th. This is the first-ever backdrop the brand made (and hopefully a lot more will come our way 😉 ) with a land impact of 27 and you can drag your own picture on the television set. The relax chair has 4 poses on the menu (the cigarette and vibrator are included) that are easily accessible while you sit on the posepad. Want to be kinky also? Move to the event here and check out the other amazing poses…

Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Venus%20Isle/169/64/2501

The lingerie today is from [Glitzz] and called “Samantha” ❤

Naughty kisses…


Mens sana in corpore sano… (Doggie style)

Nothing better than a little jogging next to the sea… The nice breeze running over my face… I feel like in heaven and I had some amazing companions with me on the morning stroll ❤

But you can have them too because this amazing “jogging” pose from DPSP is only this weekend (5-6 June) available at 50% off for the E-bento weekend event. Follow them towards the mainstore here:


After this weekend the price will be back to normal so don’t wait too long 😉

For this early run I dressed in the “Addams // Top and Short Gym 2.0 // Black”, The “Addams // Towel Head // Red”, the “Sari-Sari – Mini Cassette Player”, the “Lunar – Fany Fanny Pack”, and from “GUTCHI” the “Niko 21 Sneakers 1.1 “Black Suede EDT”

Till next blog,

Hugs Ivy