“Feel your emotions, Live true your passions, Keep still your mind.”

Dedicated to Pride month 2021 because love should always be love no matter what gender you are. It’s time to stop putting people in boxes with tags and let everyone be who they want to be. To live and love how they want without being judged by ignorant people.

The amazing pose “Nostalgia” is a Male pose from DPSP poses. This moody picture gave me the feeling I wanted to bring over in the picture. The chair, cigarette, and lighter all are included in the pose. You can get this and many other amazing poses at the main store here:


The picture is taken with the “FOXCITY” photo booth “Dreamer” on the background with the “Ava” Display LouveMotion Doll from “Le Louve” on the bed 🙂

As decoration, I used some naughty items from “Lemme”. Those are the “This is not a dream // Ashtray” (gacha item), the “Fetish Rack // Dark”, and the “Double vibrator – Electric Blue -“

Most of the items are at their main stores and even on the marketplace 😉

My outfit is the “[Glitzz]” lingerie “Dominika Set – Burgundy”

So that is it for today… Live strong and love even stronger ❤ Be who you want to be, always!

Kisses Ivy

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