A Cocktail A Day Keeps the Trouble Away…

Hmmm having a nice relaxing time on this tropical “Spring Break” pose (chair included) from PosEd. The chair rezzes when you jump on the posepad and you can edit your pose with the menu. This pose can be found on the marketplace and at the main store here:

LM mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gold%20Nook/59/90/3001

Mp link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PosEd-Spring-Break/21840970

And I’m surrounded by cool flamingo-styled creations from “MOoH!” which blended nicely in this tropical setting. You can find the “Flamingo” gacha at the main store here:


I used three items from that set, and these were the “Flamingo wt palm tree 4LI”, the “Flamingo Cocktail sign 6LI” (This one is the RARE from the set), and the “Flamingo tray pink 2LI”

Today I was wearing the new group gift from “Blueberry” called “Splash” from their “Splish splash” full set. Check the main store for more info ❤

Time for another drink “Waiter! Another “sex on the beach” please…

Hugs Ivy

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