“You are every reason, every hope and every dream I’ve ever had.”

Time for a summerly round of [Petrichor] creations ❤ With the warm weather here in Belgium I wanted to relax next to the pool so the new “Suwari Bikini” came as a gods gift… This item can be found at the “SL18B SHOP AND HOP” with a discount of 30% off. And it contains three amazing texture huds (Colors, Fades, and Patterns) The event is open!!! (June 17 – July 6)


But Also at the “Warehouse sale” event, there is a stand from [Petrichor] with these gorgeous “Indica jewelry” (100% custom mesh) also with an impressive texture hud. It opens on June 23rd!!!


And last but not least is the “:[P]:- Pearedine Makeup & Pearls” available at the main store. (BOM, for Lelutka classic, and evoX) ❤ Safe pathway towards the store here:


And there is so much more to see at the store!

Have fun,


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