Ohhh, it’s good to “Bee” back

Sometimes you see something so cute that you just have to blog it … This time it is the new “Honey Bee” Horns from JINX that really stole the light ❤ These Animesh horns do have a texture hud included (4 horns and 3 bee textures) and the Bees fly around the horns and land on them. Pretty amazing right?

You can get them at the latest round of the “Shiny Shabby” event that is already open!!! LM:


I combined the horns with the “Mini A Chuu™” “Freedom wing glasses” that are available at the “TWE12VE” that are open till tomorrow! They have an impressive texture hud. The glasses are 99L ❤


Also wearing today are the “Schadenfreude Bee Bum & Wings”, the “TP- Honey B outfit”, and the “Lunar Moth Limbs Set Pale Gold” which is a gacha item (RARE) from {aii}…

The picture was taken in front of the :::GREAT IDEA::: Sunflowers backdrop ❤

Till next time,

Kisses Ivy

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