Prince Charming or not, I told you to leave me alone…

“Pfff, all those so claimed prince charmings think they can get every beautiful girl. Well, I warned this one I didn’t like his attention. He wouldn’t take a no so I turned him into a frog. Now he can go swim at the pond and charm the ducks…”

The Crystal Heart Festival opened its gates and it was a magical highlight… So many cute items. Like the dress, hat, and collar from Toksik called “Charming”… Also my hair from Stealthic “Lilium” is from the same event. Go wandering around yourself here:

📌 Event:

Also new in my picture is the “Fleur De Lice Fence” available at the “Fantavatar & Moonstruck” Mainstore (which was created as exclusive for the Evolve event). This pack gives you the chance to build your own fence around the house.

📌 Mainstore:

And the pose today is from DPSP poses and called “Natasha” a package with 6 poses and their mirror versions.  This weekend only (30th July – 1st August) is on sale for the “Fly Buy Friday”. So hurry because after then it will be back at the normal price!

📌 Mainstore:

Magical hugs and kisses,


“If cybernetics is the science of control, management is the profession of control…”

What I so love about playing Second Life is that you can change your avi in so many styles and create scenes that could fit any movie. And when you have creators like [Petrichor] bringing out such amazing things as they did now, my fantasy starts running wild. So today 3 items from that store were brought to life in this amazing cybernetic scenery. Let us start with the “:[P]:- Jiralyn Crystals” … You get 4 crystals (2 bare and 2 sporkle) 2 for both hands with an impressive texture hud and an additional hud for the glowing… The crystal led me to the bigger one from the same event called “:[P]:- Jiralyn Decor & Base” that come with the same amazing huds and 3 versions of the decor. Those two items are already available at the “Warehouse Sale” that opened on the 23rd. (open until Aug 18th)… Let the crystal lead you to the event below:

But as I told you,I had 3 items from the store and yes there is another one coming in 3 days from now. On July 30th the “Crystal Heart Festival” will open with another amazing creation from [Petrichor]… These will be these gorgeous “:[P]:- Andromyda Limbs FEMALE” with also those incredible texture huds the store is famous for… Ready for Maitreya, Belleza Freya, Kupra, and Legacy. What can a cyborg ask more for right 😉

The event will be here starting the 30th:

(will be added that day stay tuned)

See you there,

Kisses Ivy

The Battlefield of Love isn’t always in the bedroom <3

“I am a soldier
A casualty of love
I’ve been from heaven
All the way to hell
I’ve had a journey
Much more than I can tell
I’ve got stories
Much more than I can sell

All this mass confusion
Causes chaos in my brain
I’m on the battlefield
The battlefield of love
With all of the illusions
I won’t ever be the same
I’m on the battlefield
The battlefield of love”

Lyrics by Lenny Kravitz

Wearing the Spoiled “Bad B*tch” outfit ❤

hugs Ivy


“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and a richness to life that nothing else can bring…”

These brand new glasses inspired by all the “You’re asking for it” attitudes are the new creations from “Mini A Chuu” for the “Eclectic Event”… This event is summer-themed and will run from July 24th till August 18th. They come with a nice texture hud which makes you able to change every part of the glasses. The event can be found here starting tomorrow:

Today I used the gift from /Addams / (for their 7th Birthday), the Tiara Set as the bikini. You can find them at the Addams main store and come with a wonderful texture hud. The phone is the “Love Phone Case” from #187# ❤

Kisses Ivy

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Discover one of the many wonders of the sea with these “Animesh seahorses” from Jinx. You get 2 (one for the chest and one for the center) cool sets of 3 seahorses as companions with a nice texture hud to change every one of them in the way you want them. This amazing set can be found at the new round of the “Shiny Shabby” which opened 2 days ago… Dive into the event and find them here:

Big hugs,


“If there’s a man among ye, ye’ll come up and fight like the man ye are to be!”

I visited the new round of the “Midnight Order: A Darker Society” event and omg I fell in love with the newest creation from “Toksik”. This outfit is called “Eternal” and is in 4 separate packs (Blouse, Pants, Necklace, and Boots) or you can buy a single item.

Also at the same event, I stumbled over this cool gun from [mizu]. The “Pistolier Flintlock” has nice bento animations inside and can be holstered.

Want to visit the event? Follow the ship below:

Kisses Ivy

I live to ride and ride to live…

Seriously guys? Are you both checking out my butt instead of the trick I was doing … pffff… Men will always be men I guess.

This amazing skater pose is from the “DPSP poses” brand and can be found at their main store. The skateboard is included in this “Hot Wheels” pose and once on the skateboard, the menu pops up so you can set the pose to your likings. Check out the other amazing poses at the store here:

The outfit I wore today is a combination of the Reign “Derby” gacha and the Luas “Skater” gacha… Both can be found at the main stores of the brands.

Okay guys I’ll do it again but eyes on the board now … perverts.

Hugs Ivy

Once in a while, blow your own damn mind…

Life is too short to think everything over all the time… sometimes you just have to go with the flow and ride a squid lol…So I did 😉 This incredible Culprit “Squidoo” has 10 amazing poses with realistic animations and a funny tune playing while on it. Different colors are available. You really feel a child again giggles … This is a great way to play with tentacles without getting in trouble. Available at the Culprit Main store here for just 299l :

P.S. never take a soda with you on the ride… sighs… 🙂

Kisses Ivy

“All is forgotten in the stone halls of the dead. These are the rooms of ruin where the spiders spin and the great circuits fall quiet, one by one…”

I love when creators in SL come together and with their amazing minds builds something unique… This time one of my all-time favorite fantasy creators [Petrichor] worked together with !Reliquary! to bring us the “Orryn Candelabra” for the coming “Midnight Order event” (Starting July 20th). Midnight Order is a Dark, Gothic, and Macabre styled event…

The “Orryn Candelabra” comes in left and right versions with animated hands from both stores and one without animations from both stores. And you get also 2 texture huds ❤

So be sure to go check it out at the event here:

The dress is from Violent Seduction and you can find this Moros gacha at the latest epiphany. The backdrop is from TROPIX and is called “The Castle Illuminated Hand Corridor”. The dagger is from an older gacha by [Petrichor] as well called “:[P]:- Achuas Dagger”

Sneaky bites from this white vampire…


“Anything which makes you feel tiny also motivates you to be big!”

Have a playful summer in second life as one of the cute “MOoH! Beachside bears” … These funny and amazing bears are at the mainstore in a cool gacha. There are 8 different ones (2 Rare ones). Be big in your deeds even as a tiny ❤

Find the MOoH! store here:

Also in this picture is the (Milk Motion) “Rocks island” and the boat is something I found on the marketplace and is called “mm_mini_tugboat”

Have fun with your own bear story 😉

Kisses Ivy