The Lair of Medusa

Straight from the “Enchantment” event that started August 14th is this incredible Snake tail from “Jinx”. The “Jinx: Lamia Tail” has an included rattle and a hybrid ao (with even two adorable dances included)… There is a texture hud with 9 textures, 5 specs, and 2 normal options. Fitted versions for the Maitreya, Erika, and Legacy (beta) mesh bodies. Get yours at the event here:

Also used in this picture is the “Medieval Chamber Basin” from Fantavatar & Moonstruck… This nice item has two washing poses included and can be used in a nice medieval or renaissance setting. I used it today as the basin with the future telling water they said Medusa holds but whatever you do, don’t look into her eyes. The store can be found here:

The backdrop is from Foxcity called “Lost City” and I dressed up with the Meva “Snake Bangle Silver”, the [The Forge] “Lynx Bra Black Snake”, the “RE Witchy Rings & Nails”, and the S&P “Medusa headdress”

Kisses Ivy

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