Blam… You just got shot

Just a blog for the fun of it …

Backdrop by the cool .PALETO. brand called “KPRED”

And today I’m wearing the R2 “K/E/N Hokuto[Black]” outfit and the “Gekko GrovesADV”. I added some nice :::SOLE::: items in the mix (SA – Headset PH1 (Black) and the SA – Pauldron KOURA (Black)). And to finish off the look today I used the “AZOURY – Unbreakable Mask” and the “TonkTastic – Patrol Cap M.#1”

The gun is rather expensive but I love all the details that come with it and can be used in battles on roleplay sims. This one is called “SAC PYTHON .377 V Pistol v1.11” and was found on the marketplace.

And my nice drone is from ::DisturbeD:: called the “Sci-Fi Police Drone”

Thanks and till next picture ❤


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