“All the world’s a stage, And all the ghosts and demons merely players. They have their exits and their entrances…”

Time for the sweet “Erin” Jumpsuit from ..::B2K Design::.. which is compatible with the Legacy, Slink Hourglass Physique, Maitreya, Belezza Isis Freya mesh bodies. Included is a hud with 10 Textures for the Top, 8 Textures for Jumpsuit, and 5 Text choices. Available at the mainstore here:


Or on the Marketplace here:


The pose is from PosEd called “Hello Pumpkin” and is the new group gift (You need to subscribe at the kiosk to be able to take the free gift). There are two versions inside and both have a Male or Female option. Available at the mainstore here:


The stage is from BellePoses called “Rabbit Stage”.

Till next time everyone ❤


“Words are like bees, some create honey and others leave a sting…”

Time for the “Bubblicious” poses from [DPSP]. Only this weekend (22-24 October) they are on sale for the “Fly Buy Friday”. This package contains the bubble with 5 sweet poses… So hurry up because the weekend is almost over again!

📌 Mainstore :


And the cute fluffy “Bee” outfit is also from this weekend’s sales. The outfit and slippers are both from the {Sakura} main store. (Halloween Kigurumi)

And the hair is this weekends sale from Kuni called “Olivia”

The backdrop is from ::GREAT IDEA:: and called ::RED FLOWER :: 2020.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend,

Hugs and bizzzz … Ivy

Peek A Booohhhh

It gets very close to Halloween and that means a lot of amazing events. One of them is “Hallow manor” running from Oct 15 till Nov 1. At this event, MOoH! is offering a selection of awesome creepy grave decor items. They are in a new machine called “Next Up” and can be bought as mod/trans for 50L. They are also available as regular copy/mod sales and as a fatpack with a 10% discount. Next to me and behind me, you can see 4 hedges with skeletons that are part of that decor set. Pathway to the event here:


My outfit today is from the talented “irrISIStible” brand and called “HALLOWEEN GOTHIC LADY” Go check out this incredible store and be amazed, spooked, and fall in love with the creations.


Time to go look for them… where could they be hidden.



Let the galaxy burn…

Today I’m showing off the amazing [AiiZawa] “Robe of Coralian Vision Maker” Fatpack that I bought at the “Necrotize” event in second life. This outfit contains the boots, thight plates, sleeves, dress, bodysuit, robe, and also the two Katars (with poses inside)… The event can be found here:


The backdrop is called “Cyber corridor 04” from TROPIX. The eyepiece is from RichB. and called the “Blade Eye Patch”.

Till next time everyone,

Hugs Ivy

“How little sleep one got at a slumber party is a matter of great pride and an index of the success of the party”

It’s the weekend so always a good time to go shopping in Second Life. And wow with Halloween coming soon I found a lot of nice goodies.

The first event I went to was the FLF-O-Ween event and there I got this very tasty “:[P]:- Zambo Slush” from [Petrichor], the Violation “Neon CoffinCase”, and also the funny Jian “Ghost Bunnies” for 50 Linden just as on a regular FLF. For these, you don’t have to go to the stores included in the event but here:


The event is open till November 1st. Another event that is also open now and closes the same day is the “HALLOW MANOR” event and that was my next stop. Here I found a very cute voodoo doll from “Fantavatar & Moonstruck” and bought the “White Magic Voodoo Doll”. There is also a dark version of the same doll. you can add pins and a picture of your victim inside ;-)… Find the path to the event here:

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Halong Bay/243/243/21

Then suddenly I noticed that one of the stores I love brought a special edition from an item. So I had rushed myself to the Culprit main store and got my own “Kamidama Skully Wanderer”. You can find the store here:


So what else do we have for this slumber party… We also have the (Milk Motion) “fortunes teller – crystal ball”, the JIAN “Bat (Hanging 1)”, the Clover “Kitso”, and the MINIMAL “Insomnia Bedroom Room 4“…

And then my outfit is the bonbon “yuuma hair”, the Seniha. “Ember Set // Black”, the REIGN. “THIGH HIGH MONSTER SLIPPERS”, and last but not least the Mini A Chuu “Eyes See You Glasses” which can be found on the “Harmony Hunt” starting on October 15th till the end of the month at the main store:


So now it is time to get this little witch back into partying mode… More brain ice pleaseeee…


”Forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the path of those who betrayed you. Sometimes a good heart doesn’t see the bad.”

Today I felt sad because a friend of mine got hurt by another colleague talking behind her back. People sometimes don’t think further than their own silly minds. They don’t know the reasons behind why some people do this or that the way they do it. Is that a reason to talk bad about someone? Not on my watch… No matter what, she will always be my friend. Whatever people think or say won’t ever change that.

This single pose is called “Behind my back” and is a mainstore release from PosEd… The knife is included in 4 ways. (with or without blood)…




https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PosEd-Behind-my-back/22785760 Redeliver

The backdrop is called “Gothic Window 3” from Paparazzi and my dress is from CURELESS[+] called the “Dionaea Gown”…

Kisses Ivy

“We need ghost stories because we, in fact, are the ghosts…”

Meet the ultimate “Dia de Los Muertos” facemask from “Absolut Creation” just in time for this year’s Halloween. This incredible mask contains 4 versions (2 with and 2 without jaw) and a texture hud with 8 mask textures, 13 flower textures, and 4 jewelry textures. This item is available on the marketplace here:


Also in this dance of the dead picture are the VARONIS “Path to Absolution Backdrop”, the Astralia “Dead Bird RARE wings”, the CUREMORE “Bathory’s Gown – COAL”, and as pose today Le Poppycock “Nyctophilia – Dance of Death”

Creepy hugs,


“I love him not for the way he silenced my demons, but for the way his demons dances with mine…”

Coming soon from the ..::B2K Design::.. brand is this sweet “Halloween Sexy Devil” outfit in Red, Black, or White. These 3 amazing outfits will be available at the “Beauty Event” which is starting Oct. 21th and runs till Nov. 11th. All outfits are compatible with the Maitreya, Slink, Hourglass, and Belleza (Freya/Isis) mesh bodies. Wings, horns, and tail are included. The landmark for the event:


After the Event you will be able to get it in the in mainstore:


The pose and backdrop today are from Belle Poses called “Francis 4” (pose) and the “Bad Girls” backdrop…

Till next time everyone,

Hugs Ivy

Starving For You …

“You, in the bed
And I am so mad
One in the corner
And one is so scared
Still, there is one thing
That goes through my head
I’m starving for you
I’m in a stress
The house is a mess
Feelings that no one can really express
Still, there is one thing I want and obsess
I’m starving for you” lyrics by Yinon Yahel feat Maya Simantov

Everyone has a favorite addiction and mine is you … Your scent, your breath on my skin, your hands running over my body. Nothing can ever beat that feeling. But some music and a nice smoke come close… laughs ❤ But let “Favorite Addiction” be the name from this single pose which is a new mainstore and marketplace release from PosEd poses. The pose contains the posepad which rezzes the chair (adjustable through the menu), the cigarette, and the headphone.

Mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gold%20Nook/59/90/3001

MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PosEd-Favorite-Addiction/22792329

Also in this picture are the .:Joplino:. Backdrop “Lazy Nights”, the TA “Luxury Champagne Set”, and my outfit today was from Toksik and called “Oppressed”

Kisses Ivy