Peek A Booohhhh

It gets very close to Halloween and that means a lot of amazing events. One of them is “Hallow manor” running from Oct 15 till Nov 1. At this event, MOoH! is offering a selection of awesome creepy grave decor items. They are in a new machine called “Next Up” and can be bought as mod/trans for 50L. They are also available as regular copy/mod sales and as a fatpack with a 10% discount. Next to me and behind me, you can see 4 hedges with skeletons that are part of that decor set. Pathway to the event here:

My outfit today is from the talented “irrISIStible” brand and called “HALLOWEEN GOTHIC LADY” Go check out this incredible store and be amazed, spooked, and fall in love with the creations.

Time to go look for them… where could they be hidden.



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