“You should know that before 10am, no matter what the question is, my answer is always coffee…”

At the December round from “Uber”, you can find some new amazing boots from Culprit. You have three options of packs and I’m using today the pattern one. They have 12 textures for the socks and 12 for the boots. Wearable on the Maitreya, Kupra, and Legacy mesh bodies. Uber can be found here:


Also, a new item is a gorgeous hair from “Tram” called “K1208” that you can find at Collabor88 here:


The rest of my outfit is from the Addams “babe” outfit at their main store.

Also, a special notion for this very sweet Saturday sale item from “irrISIStible” called the “WAITING FOR SPRING” that you can find at the main store. But hurry because the weekend is almost over again 😉


And then last but not least the yummy pose I’m doing today… (God I love coffee)… Straight from the [DPSP] main store is this “Coffee Break” with a cup included. What can a coffee-addicted girl need more …

Mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nirvana%20Isle/182/116/38

Hot kisses,


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