When I see you my eyes turn into hearts…

One of the purest loves is the love from a mother for her children… Nothing will ever take that away. I’m honored to have even two SL moms and both are amazing. Love you both ❤

It’s almost time for the Shop and Hop Valentine edition. And this time [DPSP] poses has an exclusive called “Lovers Wall Backdrop”. The Shop & Hop Valentine opens February 2nd and closes February 15th.

📌 SLURL: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Snapdragon/197/158/53

📌 After the event you can find it at the Mainstore here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nirvana%20Isle/182/116/38

Be sure to check the event and have fun,

Kisses Ivy

“We’re not sensual because life is perfect but because we want to turn each day into a special occasion…”

Meet “Colene” the new outfit from MOoH! that you can find at the main store. This outfit has the dress and the jacket sold separately but in different styles. You got the light or dark versions of the dress, and from the jacket, you have the light, dark, fake fur, and the fake animal skin versions available. So a nice way to mix and match the look you want ❤ This incredible set can be worn on the Maitreya, Belleza, Ebody, Legacy, and Tonic mesh bodies… You can find the sets here:


I was also wearing today the “.ET.” “L’odeur du Cuir Necklace White” and the cellphone is from “187#” called “Peace & Love Phone Case”



“Just Stab the heart sis”

One thing I really love is that some stores add a style card with their pictures. That way you can recreate an amazing outfit you see like I did here together with my brother. So thank you Toksik for adding the style card with your newest creation…


Regi is wearing:
[ContraptioN] Atreus Waistcoat ???
[ContraptioN] Dapper Dandy’s Gloves ASTROM
[ContraptioN] Deck Crew Jodhpurs ???
[ContraptioN] The Everybook ???
Insomnia Angel. Margot princess rosary
!bang – spring friend (Bird)

I’m wearing:
bonbon – nagisa bang C-L
DOUX – Cintia Hairstyle
Insomnia Angel. Aisha gothic bow
Insomnia Angel. Charlotte – blouse
Insomnia Angel. Charlotte – dress
Insomnia Angel. Romantica – Neck accessory
Toksik – Eternal Necklace

The cool backdrop today is from .PALETO. called “EVIL NIGHT”

Till next hunt everyone,

Kisses Ivy

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole…”

Hair: Stealthic – Darling

Earrings: random matter – Wendy

Bow: Insomnia Angel – Madeline gacha – bow headdress

Umbrella: Insomnia Angel – Witch Wand Umbrella [gothic lolita]

Dress: The gorgeous new Toksik creation “Capriccio”

Boots: Violent Seduction – Bathory Boots

Backdrop: VARONIS – Dayport Backdrop Scene

Dogs: Foxwood – Boho Borzoi

Thank you and till next time,

Kisses Ivy

With a savage grin, she let out an inhuman roar of bloodlust and threw herself into an unholy orgy of blood, fangs, claws, and death…

Just in time for the new “Midnight Order” event are these amazing “Tantric Night” eyes from [Petrichor]… There are two sets of mesh eyes inside and two amazing huds with incredible texture possibilities. Come check them out at the event that starts today January 20th…


The pose today with glass included is from [piXit] called “Blood Thirsty Portraits”, the rings are from “RealEvil” called Witchy rings”, the jacket is by “Toksik” named “Bloodlust”, and as earrings the “E. Marie” “Kasidy Earrings”…

Till next time everyone,

Kisses Ivy

“It’s true, you never forget your first love, and for me, that will always be Paris…”

"Viens plus près chérie... il est temps de faire l'amour à paris..."

Oh, I'm "Feeling Provocative"... and let that be the name of this incredible new sexy pose from PosEd. This pose really embraces and accentuates our feminine sexiness...

This single pose can be found at the “La Vie en Pose” naughty edition event that started January 16th and runs until the 31st. Follow the candlelight below towards the event…


Today I used the “La Prairie” backdrop from “Synnergy”, the Pixel Mode “Pleasure Toys Tray – Red”, the TA Summer Champagne Set, and my lingerie is from “Dhoma” called “Casey” …

Au revoir,


“The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along…”

And with this gorgeous wedding photo, we stay with “irrISIStible”. This incredible “NIKA ROMANIAN DRESS” has been created for a wedding in second life based on a real Romanian traditional dress. The details are again stunning… The dress includes the headpiece (with or without veil), bouquet, necklace, and shoes. You can wear this on your Maitreya, Belleza (Freya/Isis), and Slink (Hourglass/Physique) mesh bodies. Visit the inworld store here and find even more amazing creations ❤


The dove is from “Jian” and the picture is made in a very beautiful spot on the JuVa sim… which can be found here:


Kisses Ivy

Gazing at the sun, that is where I want to “Bee” …

Pfff, I’m already waiting for the next spring even though winter has barely begun hahaha… I never will be a winter person I presume. But today I felt really summerly in this amazingly cute and new creation from “irrISIStible” called “TO BEE OR NOT TO BE” which is a full outfit with hair and shoes included. You can wear this on Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, and other omega using mesh bodies. Every detail is so cute and gentle… I really adore the work in this <3…

The cool sunflower pose is from [DPSP] called (what else huh) “Sunflowers” and contains 4 poses and their mirror versions with the flowers included. Everything is adjustable with the menu. This pose can be found at the main store here (and if you go this weekend you can get it with a discount for the “Fly By Fridays”):


Also wearing the cool “Mini A Chuu” glasses “Freedom Wings” which were a gift at the main store. I love the look of them and at the store, there are a lot of other funny ones to collect ❤

Till next time,

Beezzzz Ivy

“In the end, you have to just pull the trigger. Trust the car, trust the brakes, just go…”

Today I’m wearing the Stealthic and Toksik collab “Mayhem”… both hair and hoodie have the same name and can be found in their main stores. The animated shoulder rat is by [Rezz Room] and the backdrop is “desert” from Synergy. The driveable buggy is the [COCKROACH] “Wasteland Buggy IV”

A picture just for the fun of it … a bit apocalyptic ❤

Till next time all,

Kisses Ivy

“I am neither good nor bad, neither angel nor devil, I am a woman, I am a vampire…”

An ode to Luis Royo his art which is so beautiful… If you don’t know this artist check out his name.

This amazing dress is made by “Toksik” and called “Descent”, the collar is by :[Petrichor]: called “Malysine”, The halo is by the same store and called “Voulge Halo – Doublecone”, the bracelets are from .:* LOULOU&CO *:. called “tango”, and the nails are by *RealEvil* called Witchy Rings & Nails.

The incredible backdrop with sublime lighting is from Varonis and named “Occurrence”, and as of last the cool pose is from Réve Obscura.

Bloody Kisses,