Make Love… Not War … (hands of Ukraine)

Time for a new backdrop from [DPSP] called “Backdrop 5 (E4)” 🔹 This backdrop is exclusive @ The Men Only Monthly Event 🔹 Open: 20th February to 15th March


📌 After that you can find it at the store here:

I wish all Ukrainian people the strength they need to get through these hard times… We’re behind you all the way.

"Ми вас всіх любимо!!!"

Hugs Ivy

“Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life…”

Bringing the bubbles in the bedroom with this amazing [DPSP] pose “Champagne” which included the bottle and glass. You can find this sexy pose at the main store here:

See the store for even more amazing, classy, funny, and hot poses…

Kisses Ivy

“Surfing is very much like making love. It always feels good, no matter how many times you’ve done it…”

Today I woke up in a bad mood… after all the misery and mayhem going on in this fucked up world. So what I mostly do is grab my surfboard and hit the waves. Only hearing the sounds of the waves and seagulls calms me…

So today I show you an amazing pose by [DPSP] poses called “Summertime” that includes the surfboard and 2 poses. Grab yours also at the main store here and hit the waves as I did … Cowabungaaaaaa…

The [DPSP] main store:

Kisses Ivy

“Make sure you live,’ she said. ‘As decent as you can. I know you’ll make mistakes, but sometimes you’re meant to, okay…”

They couldn’t be more different and still so alike… it’s as if the universe wanted them to be together.

Today I’m wearing the MOoH! “Akira” outfit which can be found at “The Secret garden” till February 28th. This is a NextUp event. MOoH! is offering this complete outfit in several colors. For Maitreya only. It’s 50L a try.

The backdrop today is from TROPIX and called “School Interior BackDrop 02” and the sweet-looking NPC girl is from ::DisturbeD:: called “Leah schoolgirl”

Okay, come on Leah, let’s go home and have some one-on-one lessons… winks

Ivy ❤

True Class Has No Age Limit …

Oh boy, oh boy, the creator of “Violent Seduction” really went all way with this amazing dress. This sexy meet-classy dress “Pythia” is available at the newest equal10 event. It was so nice to combine this with other parts from the same creator like the “Bathory” gloves, the “Bathory” stole, and the “Beringois” shoes (not in the picture). I got the nice [Sassy Kitty Designs] Oh So Pretty Heart Pasties to finish the outfit. And a nice fitting hair was easily found with the newest “Doux” creation “Secret Affair”.

Also used in this picture are the “erratic / home” whiskey drink and whiskey bottle, the /anxiety/ backdrop “Puddin”, and the “::TA::” Tommy gun set.

Have a nice day everyone,

Kisses Ivy

“Go out and chase your dreams no matter how crazy it looks…”

The best way to show your love is to do it unexpectedly… so when he was on the plane I showed it this way laughs… I love playing with poses and when I was on the Valentine edition of the Shop & Hop I found this gift from PosEd. This pose is called “Unexpected Surprise” and contains the male and female editions of this funny pose… The roses and gift boxes are included. The balloons were from a Saturday sale from {777} …


The airplane backdrop is from Foxcity

The event is open till February 15th so be sure to stop by before the end…

Kisses Ivy

“To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic…”

I’m feeling like an angel with the newest creation from [Petrichor]… This cool new outfit called “Kelstreia” will be available at the next epiphany opening in a few days. In this picture, I’m wearing the Bodysuit, the sharps, and the globe inside my hand. But you can also find horns and a halo matching the same set. All parts are with an impressive texture hud. Once the event is open you can find it here:

I combined the outfit with some nice things I already had to create this sweet scene. These items are the newest hair from Truth called “Vertigo”, the skybox “The Sanctuary of Light” from “Spires Society”, from {anc} the “flock of flying doves”, the “Starry Halo” from “Afterparty”, the “Malysine staff” from [Petrichor], and the “Blueberry” wings “Angelberry”.

Kisses Ivy

Dear Diary… To Love yourself is to be really loved …

Time for one of the best pose stores in SL called “PosEd” to make its debut on the “Shop & Hop” from second life. They bring you this exclusive “Self Love” pose together with a lot of other amazing poses. You can find it at the Shop & Hop Valentine event here.


The pose is easy to set up with the hud and you can also choose not to use the rack in the middle. Very hot and lovely right …

Other items in this picture are the “anxiety” skybox “goodnight”, the “Movement” Beauty time basket with Pink Towel, the “LEMME… Do it dirty // Safe box // Pink”, the “LEMME… My fav toy”, the Supreme Towel Rack from “CHEZ MOI”, the “+Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter – Black”, and from “Nutmeg” the “Garden Getaway Diary Light”.

I would say hop on over to this amazing early event and visit the “PosEd” booth for some nice poses and there is also a nice gift!!!

Kisses Ivy