Dear Diary… To Love yourself is to be really loved …

Time for one of the best pose stores in SL called “PosEd” to make its debut on the “Shop & Hop” from second life. They bring you this exclusive “Self Love” pose together with a lot of other amazing poses. You can find it at the Shop & Hop Valentine event here.


The pose is easy to set up with the hud and you can also choose not to use the rack in the middle. Very hot and lovely right …

Other items in this picture are the “anxiety” skybox “goodnight”, the “Movement” Beauty time basket with Pink Towel, the “LEMME… Do it dirty // Safe box // Pink”, the “LEMME… My fav toy”, the Supreme Towel Rack from “CHEZ MOI”, the “+Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter – Black”, and from “Nutmeg” the “Garden Getaway Diary Light”.

I would say hop on over to this amazing early event and visit the “PosEd” booth for some nice poses and there is also a nice gift!!!

Kisses Ivy

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