“To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic…”

I’m feeling like an angel with the newest creation from [Petrichor]… This cool new outfit called “Kelstreia” will be available at the next epiphany opening in a few days. In this picture, I’m wearing the Bodysuit, the sharps, and the globe inside my hand. But you can also find horns and a halo matching the same set. All parts are with an impressive texture hud. Once the event is open you can find it here:


I combined the outfit with some nice things I already had to create this sweet scene. These items are the newest hair from Truth called “Vertigo”, the skybox “The Sanctuary of Light” from “Spires Society”, from {anc} the “flock of flying doves”, the “Starry Halo” from “Afterparty”, the “Malysine staff” from [Petrichor], and the “Blueberry” wings “Angelberry”.

Kisses Ivy

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